Herman Miller Embody Review

If you are looking for a computer office chair that can fit perfectly with the body and feels like you are not sitting and just floating with its ergonomic style, then here is our very own Herman Miller Embody chair that can give you all you want!

This supportive ergonomic design chair is heaven on earth because it fits incredibly with the body posture and does not make the user tired even after the long strenuous working hours. The chair’s spine has a natural curve that is a gift from the manufacturer to the users because it is the basic element of attraction. It is a novel introduction to the market as it has all new features that are beneficial for health as it has filled all the gaps and flaws that were previously present in the computer chair. Its design is approved to use uninterruptedly for longer hours, even for persons who have spinal issues.

This chair mimics the natural body of humans that is why wonderfully comfortable and satisfying to the customers. It helps in maintaining a balanced posture and allows you to focus on your work. The armrests are adjustable to avoid any stress and strain in the arms and shoulders. And the ideal and standard casters make you’re sitting more free and comfortable as they smoothly roll over the carpet.

The chair can recline back up to a certain angle to reduce the pressure on the back and allow the user to take a sound nap. The fabric is such an amazing feature as it keeps the back cool in the hottest climate. With this upholstered chair, you can make your environment and health safe with its maximum recycled content.

If you are curious to buy this phenomenon chair and want to keep your muscles relaxed, read the complete review with the details of the features of this product!

Herman Miller Embody Review

Herman Miller Embody – Best Office Upholstered Chair

Product Overview

Herman Miller Embody is an ergonomic style office chair that can adjust the armrests to customize your sitting. You can change the height of the arms and move them inward and outward to avoid strain in the elbows and ache in the wrists. The durable black nylon wheels are 2.5″ in diameter and roll smoothly over the floor. The 95% recyclable content increases the appeal for this chair. The leather-like fabric of the chair keeps the back cool, and the natural spine curve fits the body comfortably.

You can recline the chair back to a certain position to enjoy reading and streaming movies. This upholstered chair has enough product dimensions 28″ D x 27″W x 38.25″H, which is enough to give a huge space to a person. Get it now if you want the best comfortable chair for the money!

Key Specifications

Form FactorUpholsteredArmrestsAdjustable
Product Weight51 lbsProduct Dimensions28″ D x 27″W x 38.25″H
Room TypeOfficeMaterial95% Recycled
Caster’s Diameter2.5″ColourBlack Balance

Features in Detail

Adjustable Armrests

Herman Miller Embody Review

The armrests of Embody are fixed but adjustable the trained service person can only remove them. These highly adjustable armrests can be moved up and down to a specific height from 6.5″ to 11.5″ and inward and outward from 12″ to 21″. You can type on the keyboard and use the mouse for long hours to reduce the shoulder strain and pain in the arms, wrists, and elbows.

High-Quality Fabric

The fabric is leather-like but high quality, making the chair sturdier and heavier than the other chairs of its series. This anti compression chair is cooler for sitting and keeps the temperature optimum after long hours to make your sitting comfortable. The leap of the chair is just amazing and quite soft to sit.

Standard Carpet Casters

The chair’s base is firm due to the standard black nylon wheels, and the wheels are so smooth to roll over the carpet. The diameter of the casters is ideal, i.e., 2.5″, which increases its built quality.

Recline Back

The Herman Miller Embody has a recline-back feature. It smoothly and perfectly tilts back to reduce the pressure on the back. It keeps the proper circulation of the blood around the back and the pelvic portion to keep the oxygen level appropriate and helps avoid joint pain. Moreover, you can take some rest during the busy office hours.

Recycled Material

The content of the chair consists of recycled material; it is equipped with 95% recyclable content. That is why the chair is approved to use unhesitatingly for the health and the environment.

Spine Like Backrest

Herman Miller Embody Review

The Backrest mimics the natural body posture, and its curve is just like the spine curve. Embody is an epitome of comfort, and its upholstered form factor and six ergonomic functions keep the proper blood flow and allow you to focus on work.

Pros & Cons


  • High built quality
  • Standard casters
  • Spine like yours
  • 12 years warranty
  • Upholstered


  • Expensive than other Herman chairs
  • No Lumber Adjustments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I remove the armrests at home. Because it is sometimes uncomfortable for me to accommodate with fixed armrests?

No, you can not do it at home. You have to get the services of the skilled Herman manufacturer to remove the arms.

Q: Is the chair heavier than the other Herman chairs?

Yes, the Herman Embody is heavier than the others. The product weight is 51 lbs.

Q: Is it a durable chair or comes with a warranty. In case if I broke some parts?

Yes, the chair has 12 years warranty, so you do not have to be worried about its use.


Herman Miller Embody is a modern designed chair with intuitively placed control. Due to its built quality and heavy base, the chair seems like it has premium quality. The chair needs some time to fix the body, but the integrated armrests are not like the other fixed armrests. You can make your office the most comfortable place with the addition of this nice chair because of its ergonomic features and wonderful shape.