Herman Miller Aeron Review

If you are looking for a task chair with premium quality technological features that are not only made for comfort and reliability but also contain absolute recycled content, then you can only find this all in Herman Miller Aeron Chair!

A decent task chair offers you a comfortable setting with no back pain even if you work for extensive hours. With Herman Miller Aeron, you can get an amazingly perfect experience of body-friendly posture with zero stress levels. This technologically incredible chair has SL support which is highly adjustable to fit perfectly with the base of the spine every time you change your posture. The chair never bounds you to sit in a specific pose. You can opt for the position of your choice with the help of an adjustable but limited seat tilt angle which offers you the best place for writing, reading, and watching.

This marvelous chair is equipped with completely adjustable armrests that can move smoothly in three directions. You can enjoy a limitless experience with this chair because of the rolling casters that smoothly roll over the carpet without damaging it. With this easy-to-sit chair, you can unhesitatingly go for longer sitting because it keeps the blood circulation normal and prevents you from getting too hot during the warmest climate.

Herman Miller Aeron Review

You can choose any size from this phenomenon chair because it welcomes all persons with varying sizes as it comes in three different sizes to fit perfectly. Another amazing fact of this chair is that it can accommodate an elephant means it has a strong base that is sufficient to carry the heaviest load.

If you are interested in buying this classy grey chair with a metal form factor and tension control features, then scroll down to read the remaining review with complete details of the features!

Herman Miller Aeron – Best Recycled Material Chair

Product Overview

Aeron is unique and ideal in its features. One attractive fact of this amazing task chair is its eco-design as it is environmentally friendly because of the full recyclable content of its material. You can set the chair’s angle from neutral to engaged with three limited recline ranges, i.e., upright, mid-recline and complete-recline. Moreover, the tension control system also lets you adjust your comfort. It supports perfectly the sacral, lumbar region of the spine as it has two pads that hold the neck and the lumbar portion. The reliable black nylon wheels of the chair give smooth rolling with their 2.5″ diameter. With these durable wheels, it has a carrying capacity of a maximum of 300 lbs load. The 3D armrests are fully adjustable, and the chair comes in three great sizes to fit with a wide range of users!

Key Specifications

MaterialRecycledBackrestSL Posture Fit Support
Form FactorMetalArmsAdjustable
Product Weight41 lbsRecliningLimited
Load Capacity300 lbsColorGrey
Assembly RequiredNoSizes3

Features in Detail

Adjustable SL Support

The most appealing and amazing feature of this nice chair is that it gives an adjustable SL support. Where SL depicts the Sacral and Lumbar portions of the body, this posture fit chair supplies the right amount of nutrients to the spine and keeps the proper circulation of the blood to relax the body’s muscles so that the user can sit and work for long hours. The chair has two pads where the top pad holds the neck and the lower pad holds the lumbar portion. The natural curve of the chair makes it more suitable for the sitting to maintain an appropriate balance between the back and forth movement of the body.

Wide Range of Sizes

Not every chair is suitable for all people or for all ages to overcome this difficulty. Aeron has a wide range of sitting options because it comes in three different and amazing sizes, i.e., A, B, and C, depicting small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate all anthropometric body sizes.

8Z Pellicle Elastomer Suspension

Another significant element of this fantastic chair is its equipped with an 8Z pellicle elastomer suspension, which makes this chair amazingly ergonomic. The eight latitudinal zones are offered that gives varying range of tension to cover the body comfortably by keeping the temperature optimum.

Recycled Material and Load Capacity

The recycled material of its fabric and the metallic form factor are reasons for its worldwide attraction and popularity. The material is eco-friendly as it does not create any pollution in the environment and keeps nature and the user safe. Its metallic form factor has enough load capacity because it can tackle the maximum weight of 300 lbs.

Standard Carpet Casters

The standard carpet casters of Herman Miller Aeron are quite smooth to roll over the carpet or the floor without creating any damage. The casters are 2.5″ in diameter and are made of standard and ideal durable back nylon.

Tilt Limiter

Herman Miller Aeron Review

The seat is highly adjustable and helps in customizing the sitting. The chair is limited to tilt at specific three positions; it can be adjusted at upright posture, mid recline, or full recline. The seat angle can be adjusted in the ranges between neutral to engaged.

Adjustable Armrests

Arms can be adjusted at 10.8″ height from the seat, and it can move back and forth with a sliding range of 2.5″ and can also pivot in and out from 15° to 17.5°.

Pros & Cons


  • SL posture fit
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Optional headrest
  • 3D armrests
  • Recyclable content


  • Overall built quality is fair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I tilt the chair forward and up for easy typing posture?

Absolutely yes, you can as it has this tilting option.

Q: I am more than 6 feet in height and also overweight. Is this chair supportive for me?

Fortunately, yes, you can opt for the size C from the wide range of size options.

Q: Does that chair has an integrated posture fit lumbar pad, or can I remove this?

No, it is not removable and quite beneficial in keeping the proper blood circulation.


Herman Miller Aeron is a perfectly human-centered designed chair as it has all the mandatory essentials that a person wants in a task chair. You can hold your comfort and also enjoy the wide range of options of its features.