Autonomous Kinn Chair Review: Is this Chair Ergonomic to Invest in?

Your office chairs are personal to you, no matter whether you work in your home office or have a day job. The cushiony seats that promise maximum comfort might have grown old to you as well. Hence, you might want to consider other chairs that aren’t as cushiony but offer more back support.

The Autonomous Kinn Chair review provides an alternative when it comes to lumbar support. Other ergonomic chairs on the market are far different in how they are built and the materials they are made of. Several people have raved about how this chair provides great lumbar support. Let’s take a look.

As one of the top ergonomic chairs on the market today, Autonomous has put this Kinn chair on a pedestal. Here’s what this chair can do for you.


An advanced TPE material makes the Kinn Chair, which features a fishbone design. Thermal plastic elastomer is the technical term for the material. Due to its durability and environmental friendliness, it is a popular material. The Kinn Chair’s set can last ten years longer than an equivalent mesh or foam option because of TPE.

The chair provides optimal back support and corrects a person’s sitting posture. Autonomous describe it as their “best ergonomic office chair.” The Kinn Chair is adjustable for armrests, tilt angles and tension, and seat height. Kinn Chairs supposedly conform to users’ bodies as if they had been custom-made to support their spines.

Build and construction

Plastic makes up the entire chair. The only metal parts are the screws. There would also be the advantage that it would be easy to lift during the setup, so you would not need to ask anyone for help.

An all-plastic chair may not stand up to the test when it comes to durability. For instance, the casters may not remain unchanged over time. In addition, it is made entirely of plastic without any metal reinforcements.

Despite being made of flexible plastic, the lumbar isn’t for everyone. Some bases are much stiffer and rigid than others. This may not be for you if you sit in padded office chairs all day. It can be extremely painful. The chair provides support for the buttocks.

However, the chair was too firm, so you might not find it comfortable enough to sit for long periods.

Ergonomics and adjustability

The chair has several adjustable features, to be fair. According to many reports, one of the most ergonomic chairs on the market! Aside from the armrest, you can adjust the seat depth, seat height, tension, and back tilt. An office chair with an adjustable seat depth is very useful. That level of comfort is rare in office chairs. The deep recline is the most enjoyable part of the chair for me. As I reclined the chair, it felt very stable.

It would be great if the armrests were better! The armrests cannot be locked horizontally. When seated on the chair, it seems to give away or move a bit. Usually, it’s very loose.

The chair’s ergonomic features summarise that it has forced ergonomics. Is this effective? Its rigid and firm construction will push you to stand upright, but it will not feel comfortable on your body. It can be painful for a while, especially if it takes place within a few hours. It does not work properly since you’ll eventually tire of the forced ergonomics and find a new chair to sit in.

Features in Detail

Autonomous Kinn Chair Review


Autonomous Kinn chairs come neatly packaged. They are also relatively easy to assemble. Moreover, the instructions are easy to follow. As a result, we completed the assembly in about 15 minutes.

There were a few challenges we had to overcome. Installing certain parts requires a certain amount of force. You might need someone’s help setting this chair up if you’re physically challenged. We also struggled to align the bolts.


Chairs made of fishbones are pliable and strong. They can support up to 350 pounds. From the moment you sit on it, it feels solid and well built. As a result, we were able to test it for eight to nine hours with our heaviest teammate, who weighed 250 pounds. The system performed well.

Compared to a Leap by Steelcase or an Aeron by Herman Miller, the durability is quite good. They are only slightly more expensive than the Kinn chair.


It’s a midrange chair for less than 500 bucks. Given its great lumbar support, it’s a great value for the money. Herman Miller Caper multipurpose chairs are in the same price range. But its adjustable features make it better!

Caster wheels

Five caster wheels are included. They aren’t very mobile, so they sometimes become stuck. It would have been more convenient if it had rollerblade wheels instead.

As such, the brand offers the option of upgrading it to rollerblade wheels. This type of wheel glides easily over any surface. Of course, this will add to your expenses.

Pros & Cons


  • Ergonomic design that streamlines
  • Comfortable and breathable seat
  • Supports the back well
  • Easily adjustable
  • A fair price


  • There is no headrest
  • For some users, the seat can be too firm

The chair claims to be ergonomic, but is it?

Yes, it is ergonomically sound. The different mesh material makes sure that you don’t slouch when you’re in the chair. As a result, it encourages you to sit up straight. However, it’s not working for everyone. When seated, it pushes you into a proper posture. Nonetheless, it can be quite uncomfortable to sit in! You might feel too tired to sit on it for an extended period, even if you don’t have back problems.


With this chair, you are forced to maintain a proper posture to make it one of the most ergonomic office chairs. But you sacrifice comfort in the process. You should only use this chair for short periods to maintain comfort and ergonomics. Alternatively, it can be something you can use for meetings or a more elevated task chair.