How to Clean an Office Chair? A Complete Guide to Office Chair Cleaning

Do you want to know how to clean an office chair? We all use office chairs in our everyday office routine, and due to long hours of sitting on them, the chair fabric can get dirty or might start facing some stains, which is quite common.

But don’t worry! We are here to help you with some informative tips related to the general care of an office chair. An office chair is made up of different fabrics such as leather, mesh, steel, wood, etc. So right here, we will discuss the cleaning tips of an office chair based on their fabric. Let’s have a look below. 

General Tips for Office Cahir Care

You should always test the cleaning techniques over the inconspicuous spot first. This can be either at the backside of the chair, the bottom of it, or even at its front side. Always test the unseen spot and pick a cleaning method that you feel can bring successful results. 

  • Even if you are using mild soap, it gets a bit uneasy for you to see how it can react with the rest of the cleaning substances. Therefore, by testing the hidden spot, it gets easier for you to figure out whether it can damage your furniture or not. 
  • Remove the stains immediately once you spot them. The longer the stain will stay on the chair, the more complicated it is to remove it quickly. Clean it up as early as possible.
  • You should be aware of not breathing too much when using harsh chemicals. If any cleaning agent has a chemical smell or potent, clean the chair in a well-ventilated area.
How to Clean an Office Chair


Overview on How To Clean an Office Chair According to Varied Fabrics 

 Now without wasting any time, let’s move to the main topic of discussion, which is about cleaning the office chair based on varied fabrics. 

Fabric Upholstery

Fabric upholstery can be easily cleaned by using some water-based cleaning agents or water-free solvents. First of all, you should vacuum any of the crumbs which are hiding inside the cracks. 

If not vacuum cleaner, you can also accomplish it through the can of compressed air. Mix a few drops of the milk soap in the water bucket. Use a lint-free and soft cloth and wipe off the spot area. If you still feel the stain is on the chair, wipe it again with another lint-free cloth.

Faux Leather & Vinyl 

 The cleanliness of vinyl and faux leather demands extra attention because it is a delicate fabric used for office chairs. You can clean the chair by using some water-based cleaners which you have used for the fabric upholstery. There are some vinyl options that you can clean with specific bleach solutions. 

After cleaning, recheck the spot and read the instructions of the solution you are about to use. 


When cleaning a mesh chair, you have to vacuum it regularly because the mesh can get attracted to crumbs very quickly, especially in tiny spaces. Any stain or the remaining dirt can easily be removed by using a damp cloth. 

But it would help if you were not dragging the cloth across the mesh fabric because it can ruin the chair’s beauty. Just try to dab those areas on which stains are visible and not the whole chair. 


As regards the plastic chairs are concerned, you can clean them with soap and mild water. But avoid using bleach solution or chlorine because they can damage the chair material. 

You can damp the soft cloth with some white distilled vinegar for the stains and wipe it off. Hence, baking soda on the wet sponge can often create a mild abrasive to eat away any stain without damaging the plastic. 


Last is wood which is another most common material found in an office chair! To remove stains from wood material, you can use a dry lint-free cloth. For the deeper cleaning, select a wood polish and apply it over the areas of the chair which have a stain on them. There is no need to wipe off the entire chair.


We hope that you must have got enough information about cleaning the office chair perfectly and with less pain with this guide. Follow the tips we mentioned above and select a reliable bleach solution that can bring long-lasting results. Go for it now!

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