How to clean upholstered chairs?


Imagine your life without washing machines. Your whole day would have been consumed while doing the laundry. Thanks to this fantastic invention, now we can do laundry in a few minutes. Nevertheless, there are still some fabrics and materials that we cannot simply throw away for the laundry. Fabrics that are not easy to take off; sofa fabric, upholstered bed fabric, and carpets need an extra wash.

One of such attention needing fabrics is an upholstered chair. So, in this guide, we will be helping you to figure out how to clean upholstered chairs. So, let us begin without delay.

How To Clean Upholstered Chair?

Though the process needs some additional ingredients, it is one of the easiest ways to clean upholstered chairs. To begin with, you will need a vacuum cleaner, baking soda, vinegar, liquid detergent, paper towel, towel, toothbrush, and any microfiber cloth. Also, you will need to perform this activity in an open area. So, we suggest that the porch will be better for it.

1.     Vacuuming The Upholstery

how to clean upholstered chair?

It is the vital step of cleaning such chairs. Upholstered chairs tend to gather a lot of dust and debris due to their fabric material. Therefore, it is ideal for vacuuming all the dust away.

You can start with vacuuming the flat surfaces like fronts, backs, and seats. Later, you can move to complex sides: the junctions of wood and fabric. It is that point where you may see a lot of dust. So, to remove this, you can also use a toothbrush that can help you clean complicated areas. Later, you can provide a finished look by vacuuming these sides too.

2.     Identify Stain Types

Before jumping towards the cleaning detergent, it is ideal for identifying the stain type. If there is a mild stain on the upholstery, you can use baking soda or vinegar to clean it away.

In case of discoloration or dust stains, you can use a homemade detergent. For that, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Spray this liquid on stain or discoloration. Then clean it off using a microfiber towel. If there are some persistent stains, you might need to pick detergents with a unique formula according to your fabric.

3.     Scrubbing

How To Clean Upholstered Chair?

Once you clean all the stains, you need to give a proper scrub clean to the whole upholstery. This step is primarily to provide a fresh look to your upholstery. So, for this, you will need a liquid detergent. Dilute it down by mixing one liter of water with one tablespoon of detergent. Now, fill this liquid into a spray bottle. Spray your detergent and scrub it using a microfiber towel.

The ideal way to scrub upholstery is from top to bottom. Also, it would help if you got a fresh towel piece after some time as the towel might soak all of the dirt in it.

4.     Rinsing

After scrubbing the upholstery with mild detergent liquid, you will need to rinse it. You cannot throw upholstery under the water for rinsing. Therefore, you will need a water spray and a clean hand towel.  Start spraying water and wiping off all the detergent. Make sure to clean away all the detergent. Else it can leave some patches once it dries. Along with patches, you may feel some foul smell. Therefore, it is best to rinse upholstery this way.

Keep spraying water and keep wiping the liquid until you get no soapy feeling from upholstery.

5.     Drying

How to clean upholstered chairs?

Let’s say you have followed each step to clean upholstery. Now you want to dry your chairs. One mistake that you can make is to use a hairdryer or drying chairs under the sun. Both methods can ruin the texture and color of the fabric.

Therefore, you must avoid both. You can soak away additional liquid or water from chairs using paper towels. Then leave your chairs under the ceiling fan overnight. Another method that you can use is you can place your chairs outside in a shady area. However, you might end up getting more debris if it is too airy out.


This detailed guide for cleaning upholstered chairs can help you give a fresh look to your furniture. So, let’s begin cleaning and give your home a new look. We hope you’ll have complete knowledge on “how to clean an upholstered chair” by now!

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