Quick Guide on What Household Products can you use to Clean Leather

Right through this guide, we will explain about what household products can you use to clean leather! Leather is an amazing material which can stay for the lifetime with you if proper care is given. But apart from being durable and versatile, its elegant appearance has made it loved by many people all over the world. Therefore, the leather suites are yet the highly sought after.

There are some household products which you can generally use for the proper cleaning of the leather without destroying the material. To make you learn about those household products, here we have a list for you to easily pick them without roaming around here and there.

 what household products can you use to clean leather

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Here are the few:

1. Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes

For some of the people, baby wipes are the worst household product which you can utilize for cleaning leather. But they act as the alkaline product which is especially designed to get neutralized with the urine or acid for the successful removal of stains. It fully remove the stain on the suits even though it is not that much apparent when you are wiping it off.

You can have the baby wipes be combined with then alcohol which can easily cause the leather to face any crack. As at one side, they are excellent for the baby skin, on other side, they can be disastrous for leather.

2. Hair Spray

It might sounds a bit crazy, but some of the owners often happily use the hairspray for removing the stains appearing on leather. This is a strongly objected product because it can cause a high damage to the leather and can ruin its whole beauty.

At the same time, hair spray has the alcohol percentage in it which can damage then leather even more with time. Thus, the product is quite sticky. As the dust or dirt gets trapped on the certain suite, it somehow becomes much more susceptible to the abrasions as the people start moving on it.

3. Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaner is another household product which is generally used for the cleaning of the leather. As at one side it can be dangerous for the leather then on other side, it has the powerful functionality which can deep clean the leather.

As the wet nature of the steam cleaner is well-sipped into the leather layers it will start to sweep fully. Most of the times the steam cleaner is often projected to have the moisture which can cause further inflict damage to the leather. And thus, it would probably act as the breeding ground for the bacteria.

 what household products can you use to clean leather

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/colors-belt-skin-belts-65280/

4: Washing Up Liquid

As soon as you notice a stain over the leather, the first thing you do is to arrange a bowl of soap and mild water and start cleaning that area. It is always recommended to never wipe the whole leather and simply remove the stains from those areas which are objected with the stains.

But sometimes the washing up liquid can crack, peel or even let you lose the value of leather which is not good at all.

5: Window Cleaner

Window cleaner is the product which is quite mild in nature as compared to rest of the cleaning products. But this does not mean that you should use it for cleaning all your items all the time. You can clean your leather with window cleaner just on the ordinary basis and not always. Regular washing will ruin the leather material completely. Most of the window cleaning products has the alcohol in it which can be a silent killer for the leather.


The following list is not exhaustive, and there are still plenty of items in your home that can damage leather. Now, many of these are deceptive, and they appear to work well. But those products cause irreversible damage that will become evident over time as a result.

In other words, if you want to maintain your leather, either vacuum it, or wipe it down with a white towel on a regular basis. You could also use Complete Clean leather maintenance cleaner to keep your suite in pristine condition. It is crucial to have your suite professionally deep cleaned at least once per year, to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.