10 Best Computer Chair for Long Hours in 2023- Buyer’s Guide

Sitting on a poor chair and working for long hours, it is sure that you will get a tired back and exhausting shoulders and neck.

So, what kind of chair to pick if your working routine demands sitting for prolonged hours? Do not worry! We have searched best computer chairs for our readers.

Their construction focuses on ergonomics and gives 100% support and relaxation to your back, neck, and shoulders.

Working for long hours seems possible now because healthy, efficient, and productive chairs are available in the shops.

Below you can check out the reviews about the top 10 computer chairs for long hours, and do not forget to share with us your views:

Comparison table of Top 10 Best computer chair for long hours in 2023

Model Design and Constructions Maximum capacity Highlighting feature Price
Neo Computer Chair Quality and durable 250 lbs BIFMA and SGS certified Check Price
MUZII Computer Chair Comfortable and adjustable 300 lbs Padded sponge armrests Check Price
SIHOO Computer Chairs Ergonomic 330 lbs Approved by the Ergonomics Application Association Check Price
KOLLIEE Computer Chair Superior, swivel, and adjustable 250 lbs Mesh Covered seat Check Price
Etasker Computer Chair Comfy, breathable, and upgraded 300 lbs PU cushioned armrests Check Price
BOLISS Computer Chair Comfortable and streamlined 400 lbs 36 months warranty Check Price
Furmax Computer Chair Executive style 250 lbs 360-degree swivel casters Check Price
Gabrylly Computer Chair Ergonomic and advanced 280 lbs 4 supporting points Check Price
Mimoglad Computer Chair S-shaped spinal posture design 400 lbs Brings your body in the “S-Shaped” Spinal Posture Check Price
NOBLEWELL Computer Chair
Durable and reliable 300 lbs Multi-level height adjustment Check Price

Neo Computer Chair

Long hours sitting often bring pain in the upper and lower back. But if you sit on a high-end chair, you can definitely avoid and instantly prevent this problem. Here we have picked this Neo Computer Chair.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: NEO
  • Color: Black
  • Product dimensions: 22″D x 22″W x 38.6″H
  • Maximum capacity: 250 lbs
  • Unique quality: BIFMA and SGS certified

It seems to be the most premium-quality office desk chair that you can use to meet your working needs. Though its size looks relatively small, the seat offers a wider and sufficient sitting area.

Key Features

  • The armrest material is upgraded and shows more resistance and durability.
  • You will get the best quality at the most affordable price.
  • The padding is breathable and skin-friendly.
  • You can tilt or rock this chair in an upright position.

In addition, the armrest material has been upgraded. It is designed in a way to increase the overall durability and resistance of this computer chair. Moreover, you will get anti-shock protection at -4℉.

This respective model has approved most of the furniture standards, and it promises to allow your body to work for long hours without hurting your muscles or joints. Supreme and best quality is guaranteed, and the Class-3 gas lift has passed the benchmarks of BIFMA AND SGS as well.

Thus, this chair is heavy-duty and tries to ease your sore-looking upper and lower back, and lets you comfortably work for extended hours. The base is made of metal, and the maximum weight-bearing capacity is 250 lbs.

It is assured from the brand side that people working from home or office will get the ultimate sitting experience. Stain-resistant, soft, and the skin-friendly fabric is used, and it has been completely resiliently padded along with the presence of the thick seat cushion.

Pros & Cons


  • Skin-friendly material
  • Breathable and 100% resilient padded seat cushion
  • 100% customer satisfaction


  • The supporting points are not enough

MUZII Computer Chair

Working on a computer eventually demands the longest and extended sitting hours. And prolonged sitting means your body, upper and lower back, thighs, and neck will certainly become stiff, sore, and numb.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: MUZII
  • Color: Blue
  • Product dimensions: 20.1″D x 24.4″W x 45.7″H
  • Maximum capacity: 300 lbs
  • Unique quality: Padded sponge armrests

High-quality chairs have now arrived on the market, preventing your back from becoming sore. In fact, such chairs allow you comfortably do your work on the computer for maximum hours.

Key Features

  • PU leather is used, which is not easy to scratch and wear and tear.
  • PVC wheels let you move this chair without any hassle.
  • You can rotate the chair up to 360-degrees.
  • The design is ergonomic and guarantees to relieve back pain.

Let us see the review on this MUZII Computer Chair. It is made of PU leather, and this fabric claims to stay durable, quick to wash, and withstand wear and tear. Due to the SGS cylinders, the maximum holding capacity reaches 300 lbs.

On the other hand, the PVC wheels let you move this chair here and there without producing any noise and scratching the flooring.

Furthermore, it shows the 360-degree rotation and 30-degree rocking function. You can bring your body in any sitting position because this chair is adaptable to a range of sitting positions.

Some customers have extensively liked this MUZII Computer Chair to play games, read books, and watch movies. The height is adjustable from 17.5 inches to 21 inches, and the padded sponge armrests relax your hands and elbows at their fullest.

Lastly, it has a thicker headrest design to keep your head in the perfect position while protecting and aligning your cervical spine.

Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable Height
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fully padded sponge armrests


  • The weight-bearing capacity is minimum

SIHOO Computer Chair

Does your back hurt when you work on a computer? If yes, you need a good-quality chair and nothing less than that! So, how about ordering this SIHOO Computer Chair? Go ahead! It is of excellent and world-class quality.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: SIHOO
  • Color: Grey
  • Product dimensions: 16.93″D x 13.39″W x 25.98″H
  • Maximum capacity: 330 lbs
  • Unique quality: Approved by the Ergonomics Application Association

BIFMA and SGS have certified and approved it. In addition, this reviewed chair has passed the 200 lbs static pressure test, cushion impact test, and also handrail fatigue test. Long sitting hours mean you need to sit on a quality chair because poor-quality chairs automatically fill our body with back pain, sore muscles, and stiff joints.

Key Features

  • It has passed the 200 lbs static pressure test, handrail fatigue test, and cushion impact test.
  • The mesh back and seat lets you have a relaxed long hour sitting time.
  • The 3D armrests are adjustable.
  • You will get 3 years of warranty time.

The SIHOO Computer Chair has a mesh back and seat and promises extra comfort to the user. Besides, the mesh can resist and fully withstand abrasion, preventing the seat from losing its shape.

Suppose you have got a job that needs 8 hours of sitting and it is all linked to computer work. We suggest you never sit on a low-quality chair because this practice will bring down efficiency and productivity on a zero scale.

Sitting on this SIHOO Computer Chair will not make your back sweaty and, in fact, aligns your cervical spine and body posture in a comfortable position.

Rest, it has 3D adjustable armrests, and the Ergonomics Application Association has approved and fully backed the use of this product.

Its S-shaped backrest hugs your spine and releases the spinal pressure so that you can worry-free work on a computer for hours and hours.

Pros & Cons


  • 3D adjustable armrests
  • S-shaped backrest
  • Warranty up to 3 years


  • It does not offer multi-level height adjustment

KOLLIEE Computer Chair

It is assured that no one will get a hurting back if they sit on this KOLLIEE Computer Chair.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: KOLLIEE
  • Color: Black
  • Product dimensions: 24″D x 23.2″W x 34.6″H
  • Maximum capacity: 250 lbs
  • Unique quality: Mesh Covered seat

Yes, it is true! Its design, structure, and construction release pressure, stiffness, and numbness from the upper and lower back and permits the user to work worry-free on the computer from morning till evening. The adjustable-height mechanism shows a 360-degree swivel encased with the flip-up armrest.

Key Features

  • Its height is adjustable and swivels up to 360 degrees.
  • The ergonomic construction guarantees to support your back, neck, and spine.
  • The high-density mesh is American-made.
  • It has a high-quality gas lift cylinder and resilience foam cushion.

Thorough back support is provided, and you will see no pain in your thighs or spine as long as you are sitting and doing work on the computer. This product comes from the responsible manufacturer, and the high-density mesh used in it is American-made.

The foam cushion also shows high resilience, and the quality of the gas lift cylinder makes it a more reliable and durable pick.

So, if your current computer chair strain and hurts your back, you can replace it with this top-class recommendation. Its “X” shape design and the hi-fi detailing on the back and border give 100% lower back support.

The mesh-only sections improve breathability and add comfort and support! Gear up your seatbelts because you will now be working like a boss.

Pros & Cons


  • Flip-up armrests
  • Human-oriented construction
  • High-density mesh and 100% resilient foam cushion


  • It has not passed the handrail fatigue test

Etasker Computer Chair

The next recommendation we have for you is this Etasker Computer Chair. It is repeatedly advised that if your job demands long sitting, you must not compromise and neglect the quality of chair you intend to use.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: Etasker
  • Color: Black
  • Product dimensions: 18.9″D x 20.8″W x 40.5″H
  • Maximum capacity: 300 lbs
  • Unique quality: PU cushioned armrests

Hi-fi and scientifically designed chairs make the long hours of working time less hectic. The Etasker Computer Chair seems to be a great-looking model designed exclusively by the famous German Furniture designer.

Key Features

  • The design is fully ergonomic and scientific and comes with S-curve.
  • You will get 10 years of warranty time.
  • Breathable mesh is used, and the entire fabric is skin-friendly.
  • You can set it up in 10 minutes only.

Its mid-back design is made to improve your spinal health, relieve back pain, and energize your whole body. The presence of a scientific S-curve design does not hurt or poke your back and allows you to work in a relaxed and comfortable manner for maximum hours.

Furthermore, the high-density mesh back perfectly fits and aligns your spine. Undoubtedly, investing in this chair means you are making a great investment in your health.

So, try it out and let us know your reviews. 10 years of warranty time is promised, and it is also certified by BIFMA. The five-star base, smooth-rolling wheels, and wide back frame will let you move this chair in any way you want.

Instead of buying a chair that has used the cheap re-bonded sponge, you must prefer buying those chairs that are made of skin-friendly fabric. That is why we have picked this Etasker Computer Chair.

Pros & Cons


  • 360-degree swivel rolling chair
  • PU cushioned armrests
  • Easy to assemble


  • Slightly expensive

BOLISS Computer Chair

There is no need to worry about your back if your job demands the longest sitting hours. Simply sit and work on a high-quality chair and prevent your back, shoulders, neck, and thighs from becoming strained.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: BOLISS
  • Color: Grey
  • Product dimensions: 25.4″D x 28.1″W x 37″H
  • Maximum capacity: 400 lbs
  • Unique quality: 36 months warranty

That is possible if you try picking chairs like we have the BOLISS Computer Chair. Its design looks so ergonomic, scientific, and comfortable. Moreover, the thick, streamlined fabric, soft padding, and breathable lumbar support are its noticeable qualities.

Key Features

  • It has silent PU wheels, and you will get 36 months of warranty time.
  • The fabric seat is 4 inches thick.
  • It provides breathable lumbar support.
  • It does not sweat your back and aligns the spine naturally.

It shows the tilt and lock functioning range up to 15 degrees, and you can also adjust the height according to your sitting requirements and body needs.

The most highlighting part is that you can rotate it up to 360 degrees and enjoy having a multi-tasking experience.

Its maximum load-bearing capacity is 400 pounds, and customers are offered 36 months of warranty time. BIFMA has certified and approved this chair, and you will consistently get a breathable, relaxed, and cool sitting time.

Due to the usage of high-quality mesh, you will see no hassle in cleaning this chair. Hence, so many great features are present in this BOLISS Computer Chair.

Time to stop using that chair which only sweats your back and makes your spine and neck stiff, and you eventually lose interest and focus in your work. Try this recommendation and get a great experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Breathable lumbar support
  • Tilt and lock function
  • BIFMA certification


  • Slow and not active customer service

Furmax Computer Chair

You need to bid goodbye to all those days that hurt your back, strain your muscles and make your thighs and joints stiffer and numb. All these problems arose because you used to work and sit on poor-quality office desk chairs.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: Furmax
  • Color: Black
  • Product dimensions: 22″D x 22″W x 36.5″H
  • Maximum capacity: 250 lbs
  • Unique quality: 360-degree swivel casters

Throw away those chairs and get your hands on the Furmax Computer Chair. Its quality is guaranteed, and it has also successfully passed BIFMA certification.

Key Features

  • It has a unique and ergonomic lumbar support design.
  • You can quickly install it without seeing any trouble and mess.
  • The PU casters let you swivel this chair with ease.
  • The seat is made of a thick sponge and highly elastic fabric.

It is a great purchase and specifically intended for people whose job demands the longest sitting time. Its seat looks so world-class.

The brand has used a thick sponge in its seat, and this highly elastic fabric promises to give lasting comfort to the user. In addition, it has a dense mesh backrest and promises to keep your back sweat-free.

Alongside ensuring upper and lower back support, your waist will remain stiff-free and no longer exhausted. The scientific and circular lumbar support design releases all pressure from your waist.

Lastly, the chair accompanies 360-degree Swivel Castors. They provide quick scrolling time and do not scratch or damage the floor surface.

Pros & Cons


  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Lumbar support
  • 360-degree Swivel Castors


  • The colors options are limited

Gabrylly Computer Chair

Low-quality chairs put wanted pressure on your back. You must never use such chairs and try using this Gabrylly Computer Chair. It is suitable and 100% appropriate for people whose job demands prolonged sitting time, and it is all about computer work.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: Gabrylly
  • Color: Black
  • Product dimensions: 22″D x 25.2″W x 45.3″H
  • Maximum capacity: 280 lbs
  • Unique quality: 4 supporting points

Its design is ergonomic and comes with 4 supporting points. Your head, back, hands and thighs will remain in an excellent sitting position.

Key Features

  • The mesh seat is large.
  • It is encased with 4 supporting points.
  • It is suitable for people between 5.5 inches to 6.2 inches.
  • You can tilt the backrest from 90 to 120 degrees.

Full-fledge lumbar support is given, and you can adjust the seat height without any inconvenience. Another amazing quality is that the headrest and backrest sections are adjustable too.

Low-quality chairs do not accommodate all body shapes, sizes, and people of all heights, but Gabrylly Computer Chair works as a whole. A person of any height and weight can sit on it and comfortably do his work for the lengthiest hours.

You can either sit straight on it or tilt the backrest; the choice is yours. Rest, pushing the black buttons to raise or lower the armrest and the mesh back and seat improves air circulation and automatically makes the chair extra comfy.

Moreover, this reviewed chair resists abrasion and withstands transformation. The seat keeps its shape no matter how heavy the person sits and works on it.

Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable flip-up armrest
  • Mesh back and seat
  • PU mute wheels


  • Limited guarantee

Mimoglad Computer Chair

The Mimoglad Computer Chair has become the most popular pick among office-going people. They have stated that their long sitting working hours have become relaxing and no longer exhausting.

Key Specifications

  • Brand: Mimoglad
  • Color: Pink
  • Product dimensions: 16.53″D x 19.68″W x 50.78″H
  • Maximum capacity: 400 lbs
  • Unique quality: Brings your body in the “S-Shaped” Spinal Posture

In the past, traditional chairs used to strain and exhaust employees’ back, neck, and waist, preventing them from focusing on their work. But with the arrival of Mimoglad Computer Chair, we have spotted so many happy-go smiling employees.

Key Features

  • The replacement time is up to 90 days.
  • It helps you bring and transform your body into a healthy posture.
  • The adjustable headrest prevents strain from coming on your neck and shoulders.
  • It has a pneumatic adjustment lever.

The usage of this chair has transformed their hectic working hours into super comfortable looking ones. Sitting on this chair does not hurt their back or stiff their muscles and joints.

It claims to bring your body into the “S-Shaped” Spinal Posture and prevent infusing any damaging, numbing, and flattening effect on your back.

In addition, it is endorsed that you will get good lumbar support, and no strain or pain will be spotted on your lumbar discs. Rest, it has an adjustable headrest and naturally restricts your body from hunching forward or straining or scrunching your shoulders.

Overall, this chair does not bring your body in a slouching position, which is best. The sufficient padding comforts your buttocks and reduces pressure on your tailbone.

Pros & Cons


  • Highly breathable
  • Eliminate lower back strain
  • High-strength metal base


  • The wheels produce a bit of noise

NOBLEWELL Computer Chair

Key Specifications

  • Brand: NOBLEWELL
  • Color: Black
  • Product dimensions: 21.2″D x 18.9″W x 45.3″H
  • Maximum capacity: 300 lbs
  • Unique quality: Multi-level height adjustment

Here comes the last recommendation, and it is this NOBLEWELL Computer Chair. You should not get scared if your boss asks you to work for long hours on the computer.

If you have a good-quality chair as a companion, those prolonged hours of sitting and working will become comfortable and no longer tiring and straining.

Key Features

  • It helps you work in the correct and ideal sitting posture.
  • The fabric used in it is breathable.
  • It has independently adjustable armrests, lumbar, and headrest.
  • The metal base has silent casters and remains easy to roll and move.

Its backrest is designed according to the shape of the human spine. It means your whole body will remain in the comforting zone, whether you are on the computer for multiple hours.

In addition, it has many adjustable features. Like, its lumbar, headrest, backrest, and armrests show the multi-level adjustment. The breathable mesh design does not make your back or neck sweaty.

Cool working and sitting experience is promised, which is a great thing to see! Office-going people like to sit on these kinds of chairs because BIFMA and SGS approve them.

The heavy-duty metal base improves durability and stability, and you sit like a boss on it. In fact, good-quality chairs increase focus, efficiency, and productivity in employees.

You will see a major difference in the employees’ performance who works on good-quality chairs and those who use poor-quality chairs.

Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable headrest, armrests, and back support
  • Smooth caster wheels
  • Passed SGS and BIFMA standards


  • With time, the padding becomes a bit hard

Buying Guide

You can go through the buying guide and try choosing the best and most high-end computer chair that you can utilize while you work for long hours:

Ergonomic Design

Primarily, you must get a computer chair that has an ergonomic design. For office or home use, ergonomic and scientific design matters a lot.

It is proven that ergonomically constructed chairs prevent people from getting back pain and strain on their neck or shoulders.

In addition, such chairs are always feasible and suitable for long sitting. They fit your cervical spine and lumbar and bring down the back pressure as soon as possible.

High-Density Mesh

Prefer choosing the computer office chair with a high-density mesh back and seat. This makes it a breathable chair, and your back and neck do not become sweaty.

The high-end chairs are injected with American-made mesh and promise to be wear and tear-resistant and not easy to de-shape.

If the brand has used the fine quality mesh, it means the user will get an excellent sitting experience, good breathability, and long-lasting comfort.

High Resilience Foam Cushion

Try to keep on looking for a computer chair packed with a high-resilience foam cushion. This component will bring a long service life into your chair.

It shall remain more comfortable to use and withstand deformation. The thickly padded seat cushion gives all-day comfort to the person who has been working on the computer since morning.

360-degree swivel casters and adjustable height

Premium quality computer chairs have 360-degree swivel casters. Such kind of wheels that are spotted in any type of office, desk, or computer chair will offer smooth-rolling mobility from one office room to another. Moreover, prefer buying a chair whose height is adjustable up to 4 inches.


Now, you have learned about the best computer chairs for long hours. Which one do you want to pick? You must realize that if your job demands prolonged sitting and you have to work on a computer for the longest hours, then you must use a comfortable chair.

Our top choices are:

The suggested products above give the best, most comfortable, breathable, and relaxed sitting time. When you sit on them, the person will not feel whether he has been working for hours or not.

These are high-quality chairs; that is why your back, neck, waist, or thighs will not become numb. Stay connected with us, and sooner, we will talk about and review more of the premium and world-class quality computer, office, and desk chairs.