Gaming Chair vs Office Chair: The Difference Between 2 Popular Types


A good posture can help you stay relaxed yet focused without straining your backbone. Usually, people overlook their poses and end up getting backaches and shoulder pain.

To get rid of this pain, it is ideal for maintaining a good posture. Luckily, some chairs help you maintain your posture in the office or a gaming studio.

However, a single chair type is not ideal for both office and gaming sessions. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you all about a gaming chair vs office chair. This comparison will help you get the ideal one for you. So, let’s get started.

Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair [A detailed overview]

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair

Whether you are a gamer or a workaholic, the chances are that you might spend a considerable chunk of time while sitting on a chair.

So, to help you get the right chair according to your need, here is our comprehensive comparison between an office chair and a gaming chair.

Seat Design

A gaming chair comes with a bucket seat. It is one of the exclusive features of gaming seats. The bucket seats have right-raised sides.

Though the idea of this design comes from racing car seats, it instead restricts your motion. So, if you are seated on a gaming chair, you may feel restricted movement.

This design only enhances style and works as an excellent addition. In contrast, an office chair comes with contoured seats.

This design indeed provides you comfort. Also, you can sit cross-legged on this chair. So, there is more mobility and greater ease in this seat design.

Seat Material

Indeed, gaming chairs come in classic and cool colors that add style to your gaming area. However, you will find genuine leather or PU material as seat material.

This feature increases the density of the seat, making it stiffer. On the other side, an office chair comprises other soft materials like any fabric or mesh-type material.

This type of seat material makes the seat more ergonomic. Also, they can shift the tension zones. Thus, you won’t feel frozen while sitting with one posture on an office chair.

Front Lips Type

In most of the gaming chairs, you will observe a raised front end. This feature also comes from race cars. In cars, this feature helps the driver reach the pedals easily by elevating their legs. Whereas, in-game or office work, you don’t need such a design. So, a raised front end is not a good option to opt.

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair


On the other hand, an office chair’s waterfall front end adds comfort to your sitting style. This feature keeps your feet flat and straight on the floor.

Also, it maintains a good posture for your thighs by keeping your knees bent at 90 degrees. Hence, a waterfall front-end design makes the sitting experience comfortable and relaxing.

Head And Lumbar Pillows

Many gaming seats come with head and lumbar pillows. However, you must get the one that offers a detachable pillow feature. This way, you can adjust the positions of both pads according to your body type.

An office chair comes with a built-in feature that automatically adjusts lumber and head pillow. Though this feature comes in very advanced and high-end office chairs, it makes them exclusive and comfortable.


Most of the gaming chairs come with a winged backrest. It is indeed a style from racing cars to add coolness to the class.

However, it doesn’t add any value in the sense of comfort. It restricts movement of the body, especially for bulky people.

While the office chairs do not have this feature, they do not have winged backrests. Therefore, it helps you to sit more comfortably on an office chair without a winged backrest.


If you observe a gaming chair vs office chair, you will surely see many apparent differences between both.

Though a gaming chair comes with many cool-looking features, it doesn’t provide comfort to that level as the office chair does.

Therefore, it is mandatory to understand your needs before getting a chair. On the bottom line, an office chair brings excellent comfort to your body. Thus, it is better to opt for an office chair due to its ergonomics.

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