How to Clean Fabric Dining Chairs in 5 Simple Steps at Home?

Is it hard for you to know how to clean fabric dining chairs ? Do you want your dining chair to look brand new even after so many years?

If yes, then this is the right pace for you where we are sharing some helpful guidelines with you related to the cleanliness of fabric dining chair in 5 simple steps. Let’s dive into the discussion below!

how to clean fabric dining chairs


5 Simple Steps for How to Clean Fabric Dining Chairs

Step no 1: Know the fabric type

You should be using the cleaner which is suitable for the fabric type in which your chair is dealing with.  If still you are not sure about choosing the right cleaning product, you should test some of the solutions over a small chair area and see how the stains can be removed.

Step no 2: Cleaning loose dirt with vacuum

It is easy for the loose dirt to set itself by crating altogether new stain. You can prevent this from happening by simply vacuuming the chair on regular basis.

Step no 3: Mix up the solution

Generally, most of the leather and vinyl upholstery is yet compatible with the furniture polish. Therefore, the fabric chair can be cleaned easily with the help of a DIY solution. In case the chair fabric is much compatible with the water solution, you should create your own. Take a bowl and stir together the soap and water in it by comprising the ¾ of water solution.

Now take the solution and clean the chair with a clean towel. Be gentle when removing the stain.

Step no 4: Use of hydrogen peroxide.

It is also helpful to use the hydrogen peroxide for the removal of stains from the chair fabric. You have to apply the solution to a towel or use the microfiber for getting best results and then blot the stain. Test one small area and see how the solution works for you.

Step no 5: Deep cleaning with steamer

Use of steam cleaner is helpful in delivering the deep cleaning results with the towel all alone. Once you clean it with the steam cleaner, you have to dry it completely. Don’t sit on the chair until it is not completely dry otherwise it can cause the moisture on the chair.

How you can clean microfiber chairs?

Microfiber is known to be the man-made material which is a combination of polyester and woven nylon. It attracts the particles like the magnet. You can have the microfiber chair get cleaned with the brush and then dip it into the diluted liquid dish soap solution.

Keep on scrubbing it until the stains are not completely removed. To stop the liquid from sinking into the microfiber, you have to dry the brush on hand. Finally, do vacuum the chair fabric. 

How you can clean vinyl chairs?

We all know vinyl as the glossy and smooth material which is easy to clean and is abordent. For cleaning the vinyl chair, you can use a baking soda. It is best to create a paste by mixing water into it. Sprinkle the baking soda over the towel and rinse it over the chair to get it removed with any sort of stains.

Which is the excellent fabric for dining chairs?

Dining room is the place where you are eating all the time and thus, for that sake, you need chairs for the dining room which are elegant and attractive looking. As the dining room is a formal place, so make sure that the chair of the room should match with the elegant décor and blends well. You can have the dining chairs in the fabrics of synthetic fabrics such as polyester or the short pile velvet which are easy to clean and thus bring high style.


You can often look for some casual materials which can go equally best according to the season such as polyester or vinyl blends. If you want to play safe, you should choose the fabrics which ate just designed for stain resistance also known as high-performance fabric.
Thus, always do a bit of research on the dining chair fabric and find something which is easy in cleaning and is best to remove the stains as well.