Haworth Zody Review 2023: What Makes this Chair a Best Investment for your Office Use?

The Zody chair is the perfect addition to any office. It offers many comfortable features, good sitting science, and well-researched features. People who work at the office for long hours will benefit most from it. The PTA also endorses it as a healthy investment.

Haworth Zody Review

This Haworth Zody Review proves that, finally, here is an office chair with a name that perfectly describes its features. This chair is worth considering. The ergonomics are superb. The software has a long lifespan, and, more importantly, it makes work fun instead of bland.


Michael Welsh of the Michigan-based Haworth Design studio designed the Zody chair and the German company ITO. There is an award-winning chair that the American Physical Therapy Association has endorsed. An asymmetrical lumbar support system and passive pelvic support are included.

The Human Performance Institute at the University of Western Michigan collaborated with the design team to create this ergonomic chair. The Cradle to Cradle gold-certified chair is the first since it incorporates a high amount of recycled materials.

The armrests on the chair can also be adjusted in different directions.

There are hence several reasons why this is a very good ergonomic chair.

  • Whether you are a woman or a man, this chair will fit both types of body types.
  • It is an easy-to-use, accessible chair.
  • A chair that is great for people who need to sit for a long time in comfort
  • Chair with a style that isn’t too extravagant
  • Ideal for modern or traditional offices or homes
  • The chair is made from eco-friendly materials and has exceptional lumbar support.

Features of the Haworth Zody Office Chair

As you have seen in the above-mentioned section, the Zody office chair has many features. This chair has a wide range of adjustability, which you will love. From the backrest to the seat to the armrests, practically everything can be adjusted on this chair.

As well as adjusting the seat depth, the chair’s height, and the backrest, you can tilt it forward as well.

Hold the recliner in one position

Haworth Zody Review

Sometimes you aren’t in the mood to recline. You will be hence pleased to learn that the chair has a tilt stop mechanism. The backrest can only be locked in one reclining position. The backrest locks at a more reclined position than some folks like; it’s still a lock. At least it’s a lock.

Lumbar tension can be adjusted

The tilt of the chair’s backrest can also be adjusted. The chair’s lumbar tension can be adjusted as well. Different postures are required at different times of the day. An office chair like this can accommodate them all.

Haworth Zody Review

The chair includes gentle pelvic support just below the lumbar support. You can rest assured your pelvic region will be supported at all times. Your hips are pressed by the pelvic support when you sit down. You are thus ergonomically seated.

The position can be adjusted regarding the lumbar support, and it is asymmetrical. In practice, this means that you can move it left and right as needed; just put the support where it’s needed. 


The backrest is meshed and breathable for comfort and ease of use! Fabric or leather seats are available. The fabric seats are more breathable. It can be unbearably hot there in the summer, and you do not want to be that hot. Its nicely curved edge means that your knees will never feel pressed against it.

Passive Torsional Flex

A passive torsion flex gives the chair some flex. The backrest will flex along with you to reach for a file in the chair. You will feel the upper back flex as you lean to one side.

Tilt forward

In most office chairs, the forward tilt is a common feature. Although many chairs still lack this feature, it is a common feature. The Zody chair has this feature, and it can be very helpful for women who find that the back of the chair isn’t as near their backs as they would like it to be.

Haworth Zody Review

Women can have more comfort with the tilt feature by eliminating the gap they experience in their back. By tilting the chair, your elbows will be at the correct height relative to the desk, allowing you to sit higher in the chair.

A large office with long periods of sitting in one place will benefit from this feature. A simple lever allows for forwarding tilt.

Size of the chair

Despite its small size, this chair is deep and wide enough to provide you with excellent comfort.

  • Height of seat: 16″ – 21″
  • Width of seat: 19 1/4″
  • Depth of seats: 16″ – 19″
  • Low-position pedestals are also available in heights ranging from 14″ to 17.”
Haworth Zody Review

Pros & Cons


  • Breathable and has a comfortable design.
  • Available with various adjustments for a comfortable sitting position.
  • Offer six recline positions
  • Tilted forward
  • Lumbar support is available
  • Back pain can be treated easily
  • 10 years of customer warranty


  • There is no assembly manual
  • Painted frames can chip when hit the obstacles


As you can see in this review, Haworth Zody is a good office chair. A chair with many pros outweighs those with some cons, and then you know you’ve got a good chair.

Ergonomic office chairs increase productivity, as we all know. In a work environment where your employees do not have to worry about back pain or other office shenanigans, they are more productive. In short, investing in this chair is something which you should never miss to take benefit of. It won’t break your pockets at all!

In addition to longevity and style, Zody designers bring functionality and style together. The majority of ergonomic chairs wear out after a few years. Despite its durability, the Zody chair can always be returned under warranty if it has a manufacturing defect.

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