Steelcase Think Chair Review

Comfort, efficiency with an aesthetic look are the basic elements that people always search for in a chair, and if you are also one of them for whom the design is everything, then Steelcase Think chair is all you need!

Think Chair is a unique chair that is sold everywhere in the world’s markets today, but it is a perfect addition to your home with your desk. With its smart comfort, you can enjoy the flexor system that fits amazingly with your back and spine and never let you feel tired even after the continuous change of posture. It has a sophisticated technological design that is environmentally friendly and is quite sustainable.

No matter how heavy you are, the chair automatically makes you comfortable whenever you lean back. The seat cushion is thick and is incredible in use because it doesn’t get compressed like the other cushions of the chair.

With this aesthetically wonderful chair, you can enjoy the full range of motion as its armrests are adjustable in every position. And the wheels make the sitting more amazing as they roll smoothly over the floor and do not damage.

This phenomenon product is pre-assembled and does not require extra effort to sit. You can enjoy its comfort right after the unboxing. You will never feel irritation while sitting on the seat because the fabric is breathable and keeps the temperature of your body optimum.

This chair will be comfortable for you from the day first to the last. Its black base looks classy, and its upholstery form factor and the recyclable content make it worth buying.

If you want to add comfort to your life with the deep padded cushioning and the ergonomic design that will never disturb your natural posture, then read the remaining review of the product to know all the details about its features!

Steelcase Think Chair – Best Profile Back Chair

Steelcase Think Chair Review

Product Overview

Think chair is an ergonomic, environmentally-friendly chair with 97% recyclable content by weight and 37% recycled content. You can enjoy the amazing profile back and seat because of its incredible flexor system that naturally fits the body’s spine. Its pneumatic seat height is the most comfortable to sit, and the armrests are 4D adjustable.

You can sit and enjoy the streamlined design of this pre-assembled chair with the maximum tested weight of 300 lbs which is quite supportive for a bulky man.

The reclining feature of the Think chair is effortless, and the chair responds automatically when you change your posture without disturbing you and gaining your focus.

This SCS indoor quality certified chair is an innovative, sophisticated, upholstered addition to your office desk. What can be perfect than this!

Key Specifications

Load Capacity300 lbsColourBlack
BackrestFlexor SystemCertificationSCS
Lumbar SupportAdjustableProud Weight32.3 lbs
Form FactorUpholsteredContentRecyclable

Features in Detail

Back Flexor System

This very comfortable and stable chair has a unique backrest; the first attractive fact is that it is breathable, which is why you will never get rash and remain cool for long working hours. The second amazing fact of its back is its flexor system.

This system naturally hugs the back and spine, keeps you in the best posture, and automatically adjusts every time you change your position.

Steelcase Think Chair Review

SCS Certified

Steelcase Think Chair is a nice chair because it is beneficial for the health as it fits accordingly with the pelvis, but it is also SCS certified, which is why it has a strong attraction for clients worldwide.

This phenomenon product has 37% recycled and 98% recyclable content, making it safe for indoor use and overall, for the environment.


The arms of a chair decide the comfort you can enjoy during the sitting journey; that is why people prefer to opt for a task chair that is good and have enough efficiency to adjust its arms.

In the case of the Think chair, you can enjoy the complete range of movement because the arms can pivot in and out, height is adjustable, the width can be modified, and depth can also be changed means they are 4D in nature.


The Think chair seat is amazing and comfortable because the cushion is quite satisfactory as it is thick and can accommodate a heavy person without any compression or stress.

The chair’s integrated flexor system with adjustable lumbar support is the best thing you can ever get because it fits incredibly to your bums and keeps you oriented to your task.

Gas Lift and Wheels

Think chair has an amazing gas lift that gives you a smooth tilting and reclining mechanism to rest during extended working hours and helps you shift around the chair. Moreover, the wheels are smooth to roll over the hardwood floor.


The chair is pre-assembled, and you do not have to invest some extra struggle to assemble it. Furthermore, the chair is firm and sturdy in working as it has a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs.

Pros & Cons


  • Power mechanism
  • Cradle to Cradle certification
  • Back and seat flexor
  • Adjustable seat edge
  • 4D armrests


  • Wheels have no fine initial appearance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this premium quality chair needs some effort or expert guide to assemble?

Fortunately not, it is very amazing because it comes pre-assembled and you have to sit on it.

Q: Can I adjust the width of the armrests?

Yes, this chair has a 4D adjustment, and you can easily adjust the width of its arms.

Q: I always get rash with my chair. Is the fabric of the chair rash-free or not?

Hi, the chair is incredibly breathable, and you will never get sweat even you work continuously for hours.


Think chair is a premium quality chair in a premium price range. It is quite right to say that there is nothing bad to say about this office chair. This already assembled chair has the heart of many customers and is the best chair among all the Steelcase series.

This happy bundle has quality comfort characteristics because it mimics the natural body posture and gives you a golden chance to enjoy the full range of movement without interruption. Buy your comfort pack now!

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