What Is an Ergonomic Chair?


An ergonomic chair can be defined as a type of chair specifically designed to support the human body. Specifically, you can use it for office work or doing work from home. If you are concerned about knowing what is an ergonomic chair? You must know it is a comfortable chair that does not let you get stressed and takes care of your backbone’s health.

Moreover, the mark of recognition of an ergonomic chair is that it has a lumbar adjustment. So, it helps in providing proper support to the human body. Plus, it is also greatly concerned about the human’s health, support, comfort, and posture. The demand for this chair has increased in the offices since 2015 as it helps the employees improve morale and get better rest.

Key Features of Ergonomic Chair

If you want to know what is an ergonomic chair, you may also be interested in learning the key features associated with it. So, to increase your knowledge, some critical features of the ergonomic chair have been mentioned below:

What Is an Ergonomic Chair

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Easily Adjustable

An ergonomic chair is effortless to install and adjust. If you want to install it in the office, the employees can adjust the chair according to their needs and requirements. In other words, they can adjust the chair at the angle at which they feel comfortable.

All the users have different requirements and different comfort zones so that they can adjust the chair accordingly. Think about a chair that is not comfortable, you cannot adjust it, and you have to sit on it the whole day and work. It is undoubtedly not possible. So, you must consult an ergonomic chair.

Efficient Height

The height of the seat is remarkable and efficient. You can adjust it from 15 inches to 22 inches off the floor. This chair is suitable for people whose height is between 5 ft to 6’4 ft. So, such people can adjust the height of the chair according to their height.

What Is an Ergonomic Chair

After setting the height, your feet must be flat on the floor. Plus, your knees must also be at a 90o angle. The reason behind these specifications is that it helps reduce the stress on your knees as well as the lumbar region. So, it is one of the best key features of an ergonomic chair that you can set the seat height according to your height.

Standard Width

The seat width of the ergonomic chair is standard and comfortable. Its width ranges from 17 inches to 20 inches to provide ample space for thigh support. In an office, when the employees need to work 9 to 5, they need some rest or a comfortable environment to work efficiently. So, for this purpose, a comfortable chair is necessary.

Reliable Depth

The seat depth of the ergonomic chair is reliable so that you can sit with your back against the backrest. It is also needed to leave a space for two to four fingers between your knee and the end of the chair. This facility of provided by an ergonomic chair.

Moreover, your thighs need some space on the seat to get some support. In other words, the 3/4th of your thighs need support from the seat. So, you must look for a chair that slides because it helps you slide the seat in and out while sitting in the chair.

Good Lumbar Support

What Is an Ergonomic Chair

You can get good lumbar support from an ergonomic chair. You can have it in your house or office where you need to do some work. This chair is also helpful in stabilizing your upper body, which includes your head and neck. Plus, it is also beneficial in reducing stress.

Comfortable Backrest

What Is an Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair offers the facility of a comfortable backrest where it is 12 inches to 19 inches wide. This chair promotes dynamic sitting, so you do not have to stick to a static posture. So, you can change your posture while working.


If you are an office worker, you must know what is an ergonomic chair. It is because most of the offices have these chairs so that the employees can work comfortably and relax simultaneously. Plus, it is also helpful for reducing the stress level during work.