Steelcase Leap V2 Review

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Steelcase Leap V2 Review

Steelcase Leap V2 Review

With every passing day, people are getting more aware of right and wrong and every time they choose something for themselves they look for comfort. Eventually, they can get, especially in a case of an office gaming chair. And if you are searching for the ultimate comfort and best seating technology, Leap V2 by Steelcase is the best option!

This testified and reliable gaming chair is the best office chair, and you can sit for extended hours without getting tired. This unbeatable ergonomic and adjustable chair has a soft and comfortable fabric that is body-friendly. The manufacturers care for their customers and offer them a long warranty to get a peaceful seating experience.

Users always prefer the precise and fine setting that is appropriate with their bodies. However, this chair has no headrest, the armrests are completely adjustable, and you can move them in any direction depending on your preferences which are enough for a perfect setup. This exclusively designed classic office chair has attractive colors with the upholstery form factor, which gives you a wide range of options to choose from.

Steelcase Leap V2 Review

This incredibly amazing chair has adjustable lumbar support and seat gliding with enough height, which is highly comfortable and fits wonderfully with the body posture and keeps the lower portion of the backbone firmly at the correct posture. The frame is fine and sturdy and can easily clean, wiping with a damp cloth. The wheels also suit your activity as they can help to change your position smoothly on the carpet.

Suppose you are interested in purchasing this phenomenon office gaming chair. In that case, you can read the whole review to analyse the durability and the adjustment of its features, whether they suit you or not. Scroll ahead!

Steelcase Leap V2 – Best Dynamically Adjustable Office Chair

Product Overview

Steelcase Leap V2 is a nice chair that gives a wide range of perfectly suitable and conformable adjustments to your body. The full-back support of the chair is quite supportive and covers the whole body; although the seat and the back get too hot during the warm climate, the ergonomic style of the chair attracts the users. The armrests are fully adjustable and can move in any direction.

The lumbar height is flexible that is comfortable on the body even on long working days. The frame is sturdy and easy to clean. You can even feel its premium quality. Seat depth and seat height are adjustable, and the chair can carry a maximum weight of 400 lbs. The overall size of the chair is quite fine and supportive for all height persons as it ranges from 38.5″-43.5″. Its matchless features make it worth buying!

Key Specifications

Product Weight50 lbsOverall Height38.5″ to 43.5″
Form FactorUpholsteredWidth27″
ArmrestsPlastic/AdjustableRoom TypeOffice
SeatGlidingSeat Width19.25″
Content35% Recycled 94% RecyclableWeight Capacity400 lbs

Features in Detail


Armrests of Steelcase Leap V2 are optional and highly adjustable as they can move back and forth, in and out, and their height is also adjustable. It keeps the arms, wrists and elbows in their comfort zone and allows you to enjoy a wide range of quality features. Armrests are made with soft plastic, so they do not get too hot or cold, whatever the weather is.

Classic Ergonomic Chair

This marvellously appealing product has a classic ergonomic design with live-back technology. It is not like the upgraded modern chairs because it is simple yet comfortable with many adjustments. You can go for the classy black colour to give your office room a more aesthetic look.

Complete Back Support

The back is highly supportive and never disappoints you whether you are sitting or leaning on the chair. It will remain comfortable even if you tilt back to a certain position to watch the movies or rest during the busiest schedule. The upright position is also very comfortable because you can never feel the back pain.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

The lumbar supper is highly adjustable with the chair’s height even if you are more than six feet; you can easily sit on it and never complain about spinal cord issues. It is best to put the feet up, prevent you from strain, and keep the body in the most comfortable position every time you change your posture by keeping the adequate circulation of the blood through the thighs.

Rolling Mechanism

This highly sustainable product has wheels that have smooth rolling movement to manage all your tasks, and you can play unlimited games. You can write and read for longer hours because it is your best companion to meet all requirements and activities. But it is also a fact that wheels require a little effort to move.


In the case of Steelcase Leap V2, the assembly is very easy; you can manage it at your home because you have to slide the three parts of the chair gas cylinder, wheelbase and chair. Although the chair is quite heavy to tackle alone, you can seek help from a family member or a friend to fix it.

Pros & Cons


  • Surprisingly adjustable
  • Wonderfully comfortable
  • Live back technology
  • Easy wheel gliding
  • Soft fabric


  • No rocking mechanism
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I remove the armrests when not needed?

No, the armrests are fixed, integrated, and made with soft and fine plastic with the adjustability, so they are still a good option.

Q: Does the chair more prone to daily wear and tear?

No, amazingly, it has a very decent upholstery fabric and does not get damaged like the other chairs.

Q: Does the chair needs more effort to assemble, or does it come completely assembled?

The chair assembly is quite easy because you have to slide the chair and the base to fix it.


Steelcase Leap V2 will be the best chair you have ever used. Its fully adjustable features and ultimate comfort can give you a golden chance to feel this amazingly luxurious experience. This chair is worth paying more for a premium quality chair. No doubt its use sometimes become uncomfortable due to the hot seat and back and its high cost, but still, the lumbar support, armrests and complete back support will convince you to buy it now.