Steelcase Amia Chair Review

If you are looking for an office chair that is good for you and your environment and is highly sustainable with premium quality features. Then you should not dig on the Internet for further searching because we are presenting you with a very decent package named Steelcase Amia Chair!

This marvelously perfect chair has a live back support technology that mimics the natural body posture and perfectly fits the spine curve.

It allows you to sit for hours without any disturbance. This adjustable lumbar support allows you to customize your sitting because it does not bound you in a specific posture and adjusts automatically every time you change your posture.

Most of the people who are used to doing the office task at a home claim about their chair that it is not made for them as they feel uncomfortable sitting or can not place their foot on the ground. Amia gives a wonderful chance to smoothly adjust the seat height according to the user’s height. 

Steelcase Amia is amazing in its features as you can lock the chair with the lever system beneath the seat to enjoy the complete range of movement with the smooth gliding wheels in the base.

The adjustable armrests are capable of moving in four smooth directions to prevent the user from any pain and also help in extending office hours. 

With every recline, you can set the back tension so that the blood flows continuously to all body parts. This ergonomically engineered chair has an adjustable seat depth and a flexible sitting system to prevent the body from any external pressure and keep the user relaxed and comfortable all day. 

If you are interested in buying this amazing chair with certification to use indoor and want to enjoy its highly adjustable features to customize your sitting, then read the complete review of the product ahead!

Steelcase Amia Chair – Best Office Certified Chair

Product Overview 

Steelcase Amia office chair is an ergonomic chair with smooth gliding wheels and live-back technology that perfectly fits the spine and never makes you tired. Its Gold Cradle to Cradle certification with 97% recyclable content is the most appealing feature of this chair.

You can adjust what you want to adjust with this incredible chair. You can adjust the 4D armrests in any direction and adjust the back resistance every time you recline the angle of the chair.

The seat height and seat depth of this 64.1 lbs chair are highly adjustable and add more comfort and customization to your sitting. The flexible edge seat releases all pressure from the body and keeps the legs and the back in a normal state.

The cloth material keeps the body at its optimum temperature, and the user can enjoy the full range of motion with its locking mechanism. So, what are you waiting for!

Key Specifications 

MaterialClothRecommended ForAdults
Product Weight64.1 lbsBackrestLive-Back Technology
Room TypeOfficeColourBlack
Armrests4DSeat Height and DepthAdjustable

Features in Detail 

Environment Friendly 

People always go for the chair, which is good for their comfort and body, but if the chair also offers the content that is maximum recyclable (97%) and environment friendly, it will be a decent 2 in 1 package.

Steelcase Amia office chair is a Cradle to Cradle certified chair approved to use indoor with high efficient performance. 

Live Lumbar Support 

The live back flexor system, a great addition to its upholstered form factor, makes the chair naturally perfect for your body. The shape of the back mimics the natural spinal curve, which is why it is the customer’s number one choice.

You will surely never forget its healthy S-shape as it will automatically change its shape whenever you change your position. 

Seat Height and Depth 

Seat height and depth are among the most significant components of a chair because comfort relies on them.

Amia is suitable for all heights and smoothly adjusts its depth to give the user extra comfort for the long working hours as it fits perfectly with the pelvic portion of the body.

Adjustable Armrests 

Steelcase Amia Chair Review

Steelcase Amia has 4D adjustable armrests as you can adjust the depth of the arms, move up and down to set the height, pivot in and out, and also adjust the depth; this will not bound you to keep your arms in a specific direction and hence will prevent your shoulders, arms, wrists, and elbows from pain. 

Back Lock Setting

You can change the position of the chair and then can lock and unlock it with the lever present beneath the seat to increase your comfort for the extensive hours. Enjoy the full range of motion without any interruption!

Back Tension and Flexible Seat 

Steelcase Amia Chair Review

The user can adjust the tension of the seat every time he reclines the chair. It will help you to shift the resistance of the body. Moreover, the flexible edge seat can release all the pressure around the legs and the body. 

Pros & Cons


  • Live back technology 
  • 97% recyclable content 
  • 4D armrests
  • Smooth gliding wheels
  • Amazingly comfortable 


  • The chair back is not straight 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the chair comfortable to place arms, or can I put the arms at ideal width?

Hi, you can enjoy the next level of comfort because the arms are highly adjustable. 

Q: Does the chair needs more effort for assembly?

No, the chair comes directly from the factory and has a warranty if you break apart the components. 

Q: Can I sit at 90° straight on the chair?

No, the back of the chair is not straight and might be short if you are taller. 


Steelcase Amia is a sturdy ergonomic chair that is perfect to use if you are working from home. It is an ultimate hardworking solution as the live back flexor can take you to the next level of comfort and relaxation.

You can spend long working hours on this chair because of its highly adjustable features, although the arms do not lock at a specific point, and that is why they move all around. Overall it is a good chair with premium quality; shop your happy bundle now!

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