Herman Miller Mirra 2 Review: Features, Pros & Cons and Final Verdict

There are indeed excellent office chairs, but there are also others that aren’t so good. Choosing the right chair can be tricky. By assessing how severe your back problems are, you can easily determine what kind of chair you need.

It makes sense to get a premium ergonomic chair if your back is aching. The chair includes options that help you take good care of your back and even eliminate your back problems. Herman Miller’s Mirra 2 review is the subject of this review.


By providing a dynamic seating experience, Mirra 2 chairs are designed to meet that need. This chair allows you to shift and move as you please by offering improved ergonomics throughout the day. Additionally, the chairs provide a backrest tilt, seat softness, suspension and more than just the backrest.

In addition to providing the right posture habits, the chair’s shape provides much-needed support. Featuring a vented back for improved airflow, it keeps you cool and engaged for a long time.

Most of the chair’s models start at $715, making them relatively expensive. Optional features can also be added to make the price go up. There is nothing wrong with having these features. Among them are adjustable arms, tilt limiters, and seat depth modifiers. As a result of its high price, it is mostly purchased by professionals.


Herman Miller Mirra 2 Review

Amazing Butterfly Back

Mirra 2 chair comes with a thin polymer layer fused to the latitude fabric instead of the fabric layer of the original Mirra chair. As a result, the chair is supremely comfortable and supportive.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Review

The mechanism for a smoother tilt

A mirror chair is a perfect choice for users whose jobs require switching from a seated position to a lay-back one. A new mechanism allows for a smooth transition from an upright seated position to a relaxed sitting position- the harmonic tilt. Unlike some chairs, the Mirra chair allows these positions to be changed seamlessly.


The Mirra 2 chair is 22 percent lighter than the original Mirra. The chair’s carbon footprint is 25 percent lower. A further 43 percent of the chair’s content is recycled, while 93 percent is recyclable.

Durable design

Herman Miller Mirra 2 chairs aren’t only attractive to users; they’re also durable. The chair feels solid all around. It is well constructed, snug, and feels well put together. Its parts are top of the line, ranging from the base, mechanism, and armrest frames made of pure aluminum and the armrest shells, backrests, and seat frames made of polyamide/polyethylene; all of which are made with the highest quality.

In addition to its plush mesh, which is made of elastomeric and polyester and is tested to endure 200,000 double rubs; it also has the highest durability rating in the office chair industry.

Adjustable armrests

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Review

Herman Miller Mirra 2 chairs are known for their comfortable armrests. You should know that the chair costs an additional $133 if you want fully adjustable arms. You get a lot for your money if you can cut the mustard. In any case, not having this option is fine.

As a result of the urethane membrane, the armrests have a waterfall-like design that is simultaneously soft and squishy but strong enough to handle pressure. It is versatile to adjust the height of the armrests from various heights. Those who are short can get on, and those who are about 6’5″ high can get on.

Upholstery that breathes

There is one recurring problem with cheap, foam-based office chairs: heat buildup. Mirra 2, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. The applied fabric was added to both the front and backside of the chair to increase flexible support and airflow to counteract the problem of the chair becoming moist and tacky.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Review

In addition to the Posturefit feature, it also provides proper ventilation while maintaining sacral support, keeping your back cool and comfortable.

Height-adjustable seat

Herman Miller oh-so-delightfully emphasizes the adjustable seat height. What an incredible feature. You need not worry if you want to sit and relax. Mirra 2 chairs by Herman Miller are excellent for their modifications, and the seat height adjustment option makes them perfect for people of all heights. 

It is easy to adjust the seat up and down by simply squeezing the handle. But remember to release the handle after adjusting! The ease of adjusting the height of the seat makes this Herman Miller product is very desirable.

Options for the wheel

The Mirra 2 has two caster options. Standard carpet casters are the first option. The casters we chose are standard carpet casters. 2.5″ dual wheels make them a good choice. Their size makes them larger than most chair casters. Made of nylon, they have a uniform black color. Their smooth rolling and nice appearance make them appealing.

Casters for hard floors or carpets are the second option. Casters for carpets and hard floors are very similar. The same size, color, and material are used, but a soft tread makes them suitable for use on hard surfaces like tile, wood, and carpets. There is an additional charge of $40 for these casters.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Armrests that offer comfort
  • Build for the High End
  • Excellent warranty
  • Assembled ships
  • A refund policy is good.
  • The environment is a priority


  • An increase in price
  • The armrests are wide.
  • Mesh seats are not comfortable for everyone
  • TriFlex backrests are too hard for some people

How does Mirra 2 differ from Mirra?

The Mirra 2 and Mirra biggest difference is their size. The Mirra 2 has a significantly smaller frame and more adjustable arms compared to the Mirra. The structure beneath your buttocks is much more elegant and minimal than a chunky control pod.


There are numerous benefits to using the Mirra 2 chair in the workplace that most people aren’t even aware of, and it’s an excellent choice for office work. Its right ergonomic design can only be compared to the rest of Herman Miller’s chairs.

It has an impressive appearance and is luxurious. Through its innovative and excellent innovative features, the chair maintains the health of its users.

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