Staples Hyken Chair Review

If you have been striving for accomplishing your desire of sitting in a chair that can give you consummate comfort while you work in your office in front of the computer for hours, then take a breath because a breathable mesh technical chair known as Staples Hyken Chair is here to relieve you from the tension you feel in your back and neck muscles due to perpetual concentration on work for longer periods.

After fitting in this chair, you will have the ultimate comfort and courage to extend your work to longer periods and complete your every task at ease like you are sitting on your throne and running your little empire like a king without any dissipation of extra energy.

Why should you choose this chair? More than fewer reasons evaluate it as the best-ever design over other outdated previous chairs; this tremendously designed ergonomic chair consists of adjustable armrests and headrest to provide you with the comfort you have always been missing.

The synchronous mechanism facilitates you with a reliable backrest that can be tilted to the best-suited angle, saying no to all cramping and pain. Nothing in this creation is made perfect.

When something is created, the shortcomings come with it. The same is the case with this chair. It comes with partial durability, and you can face a need to change it in a shorter time.

But no one can challenge its rating if it analyzes its other quintessential features and has a win-win situation; this is a money-worth masterpiece for the buyers. Hence, Staples Hyken has succeeded in retaining a top ranking in the list of reliable office chairs.

It is super convenient to assemble features that attract people conspicuously around the globe. You will never be disappointed after buying such an incredibly designed, cozy and consummate piece. 

Suppose you are interested in buying this super-designed office chair with an optimal seat height and a smooth floor movement assisted by the casters.

In that case, you must evaluate it by contemplating every feature individually and going through the whole review, subsequently securing the fulfillment of your utter satisfaction.

Staples Hyken Chair -Made Ideally for Every Office

Product Overview

The Staples Hyken chair comes with the complete adjustment package in all its features. This ergonomic chair is endowed with great flexibility incorporated in all its features, including the adjustable headrest that allows you to avoid the causing of rigidity in your neck while focusing on your work; lumbar support provides your lower part of the waist to fit in the chair maintaining your posture.

Tension control and three-position tilt allow you to recline your back. Furthermore, it is contoured wish mesh, padded in the backrest and the seat making passage for air to circulate, dwindling sweating.

With such a complex design, it is yet astonishingly slick to be assembled. A unique feature synchro-tilt mechanism along with 360-degree swivel tilt prevents you from the fatigue of raising your knees while you recline.

The seat and back adjustable height can accommodate almost any body type—the chair tags along with a 7-year warranty. 

Key Specifications

TypeOffice deskDimensions27.3″D x 27.2″W x 45.3 to 49.8″H
Chair back styleHigh backArmrest type1D-adjustable armrests
Upholstered MaterialBreathable MeshWarranty7 Years
Movement360-degree twirl with synchronous-tiltRecliningAvailable with tilt lock functionality
Load Capacity250 lbsSeat Height  16.9-19.7

Features in Detail

Staples Hyken Chair Review

Easy Height Adjustment Options

The knob in the backrest lets the height be adjusted according to your height comfort, so you don’t have to strain your neck and shoulders and wear off the bending to your computer.

So you can easily change the height effortlessly, making it compatible to your any other activity.

1D Armrests

The armrests can move in two directions vertically to gain the ideal arms positions so that you can enjoy the best sitting experience by placing your arms to your full comfort.

It means you can move the arms up and down as per your preferences so that you may avoid the tiresome still and can keep your elbows and shoulders at their best posture.

Staples Hyken Chair Review

Factor of Breathability

Despite the Staples Hyken being a high back chair and supporting your back ultimately, you won’t end up sweating at the end of the day.

The back and headrest are contoured using a mesh which gives space for the air to circulate in and out. Feeling breezier ought to make you proactive in your work.

Recline Back

The Staples Hyken chair has enormous adjustable features to give you an enhanced comfort zone with a reclining back position. You can customize the tilt so the angle you sit at is perfectly right. 

Lumbar Support

Most of the chairs lack lumbar support, which should be the utmost priority to ensure the best back posture to avoid back pain and cramps.

With the adjustable lumbar support in this chair, you have a two-way adjustable headrest to keep your head and neck upright, reducing the tension and achiness. The high back cradles your lumbar, including the entire spine.

Sturdy Carpet Casters

Once you have started your work, you would like it to be perpetual without breaking your concentration. However, there comes a distraction when you want to get a file lying on the next desk or take an important printout, but stay consolidated; this subliminal chair has casters which not merely add strength to the chair but give you inter-room travel as well. They are capable of rolling over both carpet and floor.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenient assembling
  • Adjustable headrest 
  • Returns value
  • Ideal adjusted tilt
  • Consummate ergonomic features
  • 7-year warranty


  • Partial durability
  • Hard frame

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the seat bottom slide in or out as in closer / further to the backrest?

No, the seat doesn’t slide. It will only go vertical and is adjustable at every angle with the synchronous tilt provided.

Q: Are armrests comfortable for longer use?

Even though the armrests can move in only one direction vertically to the height of the chair, but they are manufactured with a hard plastic material that is not comfortable for longer periods of use. 

Q: Does it hurt your butt if you have to sit for long periods?

No, it doesn’t hurt even after sitting for long periods.

Video Guide


Even though it has some shortcomings, the Hyken is a priceworthy solid chair and has piled up many customers’ appreciation, admiration, and attention through its subliminal features.

It proves to be a supportive friend by making your work at ease and efficient when you need a stopover to rest from your busiest work routine. So even if you have little money and have a chair with sturdy ergonomic features and rock a bottom price tag, lock the Staples Hyken chair without having any second thoughts.