Herman Miller Sayl Review: Best Task Chair

If you are looking for an exceptionally durable and high-quality premium chair with exclusive health support and smart design, then you can only get all these perfections in a single package of Herman Miller Sayl Chair!

The Sayl task chair is a fine chair with the least material but high comfort; its extra classy design is all we want in a trending task chair.

This amazingly perfect product has a 3D intelligence back that gives an ideal contour to the body and supports long sitting hours without any complaint regarding health issues. Its simple material is a reason for attraction and its affordability for all people. The Y-tower support in the backrest gives a more appealing look to the chair.

The back suspension of the chair is all you need because it allows the user to sit freely and keeps the spine at its best position by releasing all the pressure and relieving it from pain. The chair is wonderfully light in its weight because of the full recyclable content in it.

A single part covers the three main parts of the chair a tilt mechanism, armrests, and the ArcSpan to reduce the chair’s weight to the minimum.

This sturdy plastic chair with an elegant design has a breathable backrest that allows the proper passage of the air to keep your back cool even in the hottest climate. Although the back support is not adjustable, the seat height is adjustable that helps the user become in the best height and helps place the foot in an appropriate position.

The seat depth and the armrests are fixed with a tilt limiter that allows you to recline back only in the three positions or angles for reading, watching, and writing.

If you want to create a balance between comfort and freedom with this incredible chair, read the remaining review to know all the details about the specifications and features of this task chair!

Product Overview

Herman Miller Sayl is a breathable task chair that helps keep the back cool and comfortable with high support and freedom to move. This stylish organic design chair has the heart of many clients due to its standard casters and classy black base with the white color.

The adjustable seat height allows the users of any height to sit as it ranges between 15.5″ to 20″. The seat depth is stationary and fixed at 16″ with the fixed arms present at 9.4″ height from the seat. The tilt limiter offers only three sitting positions or angles because it can recline back at 91°, 101°, or 124°. With the sturdy plastic frame material, the chair offers 12 years long-lasting warranty to its customers at a highly affordable price and amazingly reduced weight!

Key Specifications

Weight38 lbsMaterialPlastic
TiltingLimitedMovementStandard Carpet Casters
Seat DepthFixed at 16″Recommended forAdults
Back SupportNon-adjustableRoom TypeLiving Room
ArmrestsFixed at 9.4″Warranty12 years

Features in Detail

Seat Depth

The seat depth of a chair matters a lot because the chair’s comfort somehow relies on the seat depth. In the case of Herman Miller Sayl, depth is not adjustable; it is stationary and remains at 16″, and the slanted cushion of the chair is beneficial in keeping the proper circulation of the blood.

Herman Miller Sayl Review


The armrests of the chair help to keep the shoulders, elbow, wrists, and arms in a suitable position to avoid any inconvenience. In this well-designed chair, the armrests are fixed or stationary and are attached above the seat at the height of 9.4″.

Tilt Limiter

Herman Miller Sayl Review

With the tilting capability, the chair can recline back up to a specific angle and then get fixed there to enjoy the experience of the customized seating. With this chair, the tilting is limited. You can recline the chair back only in three positions, i.e., 91°, 101°, or 124°.

Back Support

Herman Miller Sayl task chair has non-adjustable back support, but the 3D intelligence frame of the back makes the surface even, and the suspension system of the back supports the user in a unique shape.

The integrated posture makes it more ideal, gives comfort and support to the lower spine, and keeps the pelvic portion in its natural curved posture. Moreover, the back support is breathable and helps pass the air to keep the user’s back cool during extensive hours of working.

Herman Miller Sayl Review

Eco Design

Herman Miller Sayl is a very decent chair and the most suggested chair for adults because it is lightweight, i.e., ~37 lbs. And consists of environmentally friendly content as almost 94% of the total content are recyclable. That is why it is safe both for the user and the environment, and the customers appreciate its eco-design.

Seat Height

This marvelous chair is recommended for all height adults because it always cares for its customer’s feelings and encourages them to enjoy their sitting experience. The seat height is amazingly adjustable and can adjust in the range between 15.5″ to 20″.

Pros & Cons


  • Low cost
  • Arm height is ideal
  • 3D intelligence back support
  • 12 years warranty
  • Breathable backless chair


  • Not suitable for the taller adults

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the upholstery material reliable?

Absolutely yes, the upholstery form factor is a durable synthetic material and enhances the aesthetic look of the chair.

Q: I am 6’2″, that is why I found this chair too much short for me. How can I return it?

Hi, you can check the return policy of the brand or can mail them on their official account.

Q: Can I remove the arms of the chair?

Hi, I have not found any function like this because the arms are stationary.


Herman Miller Sayl is quite satisfactory and exceptional on working although many of its features are fixed still it is an epitome of comfort and luxury.

Its unique backless design and eco-friendly contents make it more popular among people worldwide, and you can even check the ratings and reviews that positively increase its worth.

We assure you that you will never complain about any health issue at an affordable price and easy to carry weight.

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