X-Chair Review

With the emerging trend of working from home, everyone wants comfort, especially people searching for the most comfortable office chair, that is why we are presenting you the most requested product known as X-Chair!

X-Chair is the most anticipated and demanding office chair. All its versions and series are perfect in use, like X2, X3, X4, and the X-basic chair; this is quite different from the chairs of its era because of the Dynamic Variable Lumbar that gives the best adjustment and next level of support to the user.

The flex mesh back is breathable, keeps the back at the optimum temperature, and prevents irritation. The DVL system is a unique element as it keeps the back at the lowest comfortable position, and its foamy seat keeps the bums relaxed even during long working hours.

This ergonomic, perfectly designed chair is the best companion for your desk as it gives the correct body posture. The adjustable headrest makes the sitting experience more wonderful. It gives complete support to the lumbar, neck, and head; the under-seat tension is adjustable and ensures maximum support and comfort. The chair welcomes a wide range of users as the seat’s foam’s depth is adjustable, giving a superior feeling.

This incredibly amazing product has adjustable integrated arms that give the most relaxed position to the elbows and wrists and do not disappoint you during office hours. With this swivel computer chair, you can manage the stuff on your desk without standing.

With its high load capacity, you can find a wide seating area that encourages everyone to work uninterruptedly, no matter how bulky someone is. If you are interested in purchasing this perfectly styled chair with the money-back guarantee, then you should read the full review of the product to know all the ins and outs of its features!

X-Chair Review-Best Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

  • Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support
  • 4 Dimensional Armrests
  • Height Adjustable Back
  • Flex Mesh Technology
  • Removable Headrest
  • 5 Years Warranty

Product Overview

X-Chair, a classy black chair, is an attraction for all buyers worldwide, especially those who know all the good in an office chair. This ergonomic chair has a flex mesh back, which is breathable and keeps the air passage normal during the hottest climate. The product has 21.5″D x 26.5″W x 46.5″H dimensions which are enough to support a bulky man of a maximum of 350 lbs. The dynamic variable lumbar support makes it ideal as it adjusts each time the user moves.

The seat depth is also adjustable with a molded soft foam perfect for ultra comfort. All the features are designed as the armrests and the backrest so you can feel the super quality comfort every time you sit. This chair is worth investing in as its money-back guarantee after 90 days of use makes it worth buying!

Key Specifications

MovementSwivelMaterialPolyester and Polyester Blend
Load Capacity350 lbsArmrestsAdjustable
Room TypeOfficeBackFlex Mesh Technology
Product Weight43.9 lbsLumbar SupportDVL System
Dimensions21.5″D x 26.5″W x 46.5″HGuarantee3 Months

Features in Detail

Dynamic Variable Lumbar System

Lumbar support is one of the basic features an office chair has. Although the lumbar support is sometimes fixed and there is no option to adjust, in X-Chair, X-basic. You can enjoy all-day comfortable sitting because the lumbar support adjusts itself according to the back position at your every movement.

Under Seat Tension Adjustment

You can adjust the force needed to tilt or rock the chair because of the under-seat tension adjustment with the help of a knob. So, you do not have to take tension about comfort.

Flex Mesh Technology

The unique flex mesh technology gives it a classy breathable look with an ultra-soft feeling. You can stay on the chair for long hours, even in the warmer climate.

Adjustable Backrest and Armrest

The backrest and armrests are the two crucial parts of a chair; if adjustable, they make the chair matchless in comfort. The backrest of the X-Chair has adjustable height and gives ultimate support to the neck and curved lumbar portion of your body. The armrests are fixed, but adjustable means you can adjust the height of the arms but not move them in other directions.

Tilt Lock Capacity

The seat height of the X-Chair is adjustable, and with this great comfortable seat, the chair is equipped with the tilt and lock mechanism. The chair can be tilted to a specific angle or position to reduce or enhance the tension and make the user lean back during the busy office schedule. And with its locking system, the user then locks the chair at that particular angle.

Foam Seat with Optional Depth Adjustment

The seat is sturdy yet soft and has a maximum load capacity of 350 lbs. But an amazing fact is that the seat has reliable foam with resiliency and optional seat depth adjustment for added support and comfort.

Pros & Cons


  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • DVL system
  • 3 months money-back guarantee
  • 350 lbs load capacity
  • Under-seat tension adjustment
  • Breathable backrest


  • No choice for colors
  • A little bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I remove the armrests. I find difficulty and pain with the integrated armrest system?

Unfortunately, you have to compromise with the armrests because they are fixed, but you can change the height according to your comfort; that is why it is worth investing in.

Q: I’m bulky and always feel hesitant whenever I sit in the office chair. How much weight can it carry maximum?

The X-Chair is considered an ideal chair because it has a very decent load capacity of 350 lbs.

Q: I am feeling uncomfortable with the lumbar support. Am I the only one with this issue?

Yeah, I am agreed with you because the lumbar support does not lock, and it slides down whenever you adjust the height.


If you are finding a nice office chair with swivel movement and reliable polyester blend material, then you can choose this amazing product with the highly breathable flex mesh back and ergonomically designed features such as an adjustable backrest and armrests. This body-contoured chair has the heart of many users because it allows them to enjoy the best sitting arrangement without interruption during important office hours. What can be better than this!