Steelcase Series 1 Review

If you are searching for a versatile, high-quality office chair with a decent range of price and comfort with a solid construction, then your wait is over because here is our very own easy-to-fit home office chair that is known as Steelcase Series 1!

Whenever people want to buy a chair either from a market or online, they first go for comfort as without comfort, an office chair is just a mess. Series 1 is the ultimate comfortable office chair that will never disappoint its users even if you use it for an extensive time.

The backrest is quite satisfactory as it is different from all other chairs because it has built-in live back technology with high adjustability and premium quality to support the backbone at best.

This perfectly designed ergonomic chair has adjustable armrests; they are reliable and customizable, and you will never complain about cramping and pain. Its modern, sleek design makes it more perfect and aesthetically amazing in the eyes of customers. With its highly adjustable arms, it can recline back smoothly up to a certain position.

Another factor is durability; no one can challenge its rating if a chair is constructed firmly and sturdily. That is why Series 1 is at the top of the list of reliable office chairs. It’s easy to assemble features that attract people worldwide as they do not have to put an extra struggle as they can start just after unboxing the package. You will never feel regret after spending money on such an incredibly comfortable and phenomenon chair.

If you are interested in buying this premium designed office chair with a pneumatic seat height and a smooth floor movement, you must read the whole review to buy it on your advice and preferences!

Steelcase Series 1 – Best Live Back Office Desk Chair

Product Overview

Steelcase Series 1 is equipped with a unique live-back flexer system that keeps the user in his comfort zone every time he changes his position. This chair is an advanced ergonomic chair because it has 4D arms that you can move in any direction depending on your priority. The lumbar support, headrest, and backrest are also adjustable.

Steelcase Series 1 Review

The seat height and depth are also adjustable with a fine tilting mechanism with mesh upholstery. The chair has a 12-year long-lasting warranty with a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, can move smoothly on the carpet and the ground due to the swivel rotation of wheels. The pliable foam is body-friendly, and anti-compression and the chair require the least assembly. You can enjoy the experience with this perfect and fair office chair!

Key Specifications

Load Capacity300 lbsDimensions21″D x 23.5″W x 36.5″H
Product Weight29 lbsArmrests4D
Material100% PolyesterWarranty12 Years
Form FactorUpholsteredRecliningAvailable and Synchronized
Room TypeOfficeSeat FoamPliable

Features in Detail

Backrest with Live Back Technology

The live back technology makes this office chair a medically approved chair for use because it has a special style of backrest that is compatible with the natural movement of the spinal cord. You can enjoy the health and the comfort in the same chair at an affordable range of price.

4D Armrests

The armrests can move in 4 directions to enjoy the best sitting experience and customize the seating arrangement. It means you can move the arms right and left, up and down, back and forth, and pivot in and out depending on your preferences so that you may avoid any inconvenience and can keep your wrists, elbows, shoulders, and arms at their best posture.

Polyester Fabric

The material or the fabric with which the chair is made matters a lot because the comfort level depends on it. Steelcase Series 1 is made with 100% polyester fabric that is why it is body friendly and enhances the comfort level.

Seat With Pliable Foam

The seat of this chair is quite soft and comfortable due to the pliable foam because it is pressure-free and bends according to the user’s movement, and fits at the perfect position. The foam can release all the pressure around the thighs and the legs, keep the blood circulation normal, and keep it away from any pain.

Recline Back

Series 1 has a synchronized recline back capacity keeping the base of the chair firmly at the ground. You can enjoy the best working zone by tilting the chair back at a perfect posture that gives you enhanced comfort. You can lock the chair and adjust the chair’s tension by reclining it back to a certain angle.

Lumbar Support and Seat

The lumbar support is crucial to maintain the balance of the back and make the best comfort zone for the body. With the adjustable lumbar support, you can enjoy the backbone pacifist position at your preferences. The pneumatic seat height is adjustable, and you can raise or down the seat by using the actuator lever easily.

Pros & Cons


  • Already assembled
  • 4D armrests
  • Affordable
  • Live back technology
  • 100% polyester


  • The seat is not flat
  • Unadjustable backrest tension

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the chair have a 12 years warranty because it is quite a surprising time limit?

Yes, amazingly and fortunately, the manufacturers are offering this long-lasting warranty limit but only in this case when you bought the chair from an authorized dealer.

Q: Are armrests comfortable for longer use?

No doubt the armrests can move in four smooth directions, but they are made with a thin and cheap plastic material that is not comfortable for extensive use.

Q: I always find difficulty in seating with the same depth of the seat. Is it possible to modify the depth of the seat?

Hi, the seat depth is not adjustable; you can modify the depth with the help of the lumbar cushion


    Steelcase Series 1 is quite a good office chair. Although it exhibits some flaws and faults, its premium quality features compel you to buy this marvelous office chair. The manufacturers of the Steelcase Series 1 not only design the chair to meet the comfort needs of the users, but the material of the chair is environmentally friendly so that you can customize your seating with this chair without a second thought!