How To Hang Hammock Chair: A Complete Guide


A hammock chair is like a swing where you can relax for some time. Specifically, it has been designed to be placed in an open area of the house where you can enjoy the fresh air. Meanwhile, your whole body can relax and enjoy a comfortable environment where complete support is provided to your body. The demand for hammock chairs is increased in the 21st century due to their remarkable features.

Today, almost every person is interested in hanging a hammock chair, but they do not know how to hang it and what tools are required. Moreover, there are many benefits provided by hammock chairs that you can enjoy at your place. For example, there is no weight restriction as this chair can bear the weight up to 150 to 300 pounds. Here’s how to hang hammock chair in easy steps.

How To Hang Hammock Chair


5 Easy steps to hang a hammock chair

Step 1: Decide the Location

First, you need to decide the location where you want to hang the hammock chair. It might be inside your house or outside. Moreover, you can also determine if you wish to hang it on the ceiling or a tree.

If you can’t decide, you can consult a professional to find the right spot for hanging the hammock chair. It is recommended to hang the hammock chair on the ceiling because it is the strong one. Plus, you can enjoy the rainy weather by sitting in the hammock chair without getting wet.

Step 2: Drill the Holes

After finding the right spot, the next step is to drill the holes. For this purpose, you can do some calculations to decide the distance between the chair and the ground. You also need to calculate the distance between the holes to be drilled. Plus, it would be best if you also determined how deep the hole should be.

How To Hang Hammock Chair

Keep in mind you need to drill the holes based on the hook size. You can use a drilling machine for this purpose. You can also use any similar tool for it. If you are not aware of how to hang a hammock chair, you can read a guide or consult a professional.

Step 3: Screw the Hooks

How To Hang Hammock Chair

After drilling the holes, you need to screw the hooks. Make sure you have suitable screws that are good enough for hammock chair installation. You need to screw in hammock hooks that have been specially designed to support a person’s weight.

You need to insert the eye bolt screw into the hole. Make sure it is long enough to be twisted about 2-3 inches into the ceiling. You can use a screwdriver to undergo this procedure.

How To Hang Hammock Chair

The next step is to link the S-hook through the eye bolt ring. After connecting this hook, you need to attach the chair hanging kit, spring, or swivel to the hook. Then, attach the chair with the hook. Make sure the hook has been linked strongly. Plus, you also need to make sure it is strong enough to be broken.

Step 5: Check by Adding Weight

The last step is to check whether the hammock chair installation process is successful or not. You can do it by adding some weight to the chair. You can also check by sitting on the hammock chair to check whether the installation is successful or not.

Another reason for checking it is to make sure that you have chosen the suitable material for the hammock chair. Plus, it is also helpful to make sure you have used to proper techniques and tools. If you are not comfortable checking it by sitting on it, you can add some heavyweight equal to your weight to check whether it can bear that much weight or not.


No doubt, a hammock chair is comfortable and helpful in relaxing after a long day. You can also enjoy your day by resting on it and reading a book. But you need to install it first. If you do not know how to hang a hammock chair and what tools are required, you can consult a guide or a professional for this purpose.

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