How long should an Office Chair Last? When Does it Require Replacement?

If you are fond of working on the laptop for long hours or think that your body posture is not correct while sitting, then investing in a good-quality chair should be your first consideration. But the question is, how long should an office chair last!

The chair is one such furniture piece you use daily and probably spend long hours on it at home or in the office. Therefore, you have to make sure that you get the best chair model out of so many without breaking your pockets.
It’s a fact that the lifespan of an office chair is heavily dependent on the total investment you are making to buy the best one. Some office chairs last for a maximum of 2 years, and some can stay with you for around 6 years. Few office chairs can even last for a decade through proper maintenance and care.
In short:

“An office chair with a five-year warranty can last for a full 7-8 years, and a chair of 10 years warranty can survive for almost 13-15 years. The chair’s lifespan is not associated with the warranty but with the quality and construction of an office chair”.

How long should an Office Chair Last


After discussing the lifespan of an office chair, now we will highlight those important factors which can reduce the chair lifespan. In the end, we have shared a few major tips.

What Factors can reduce the Lifespan of the Office Chair?

There are a few basic factors that can reduce the lifespan of the office chair. A few of them are discussed below:

Low-quality components

The lifespan of your chair is eventually compromised if the chair is made from low-quality or cheap components. The cheap pneumatic parts of castors can break down very easily, depriving the chair of being used later.
In any chair, knobs, levers, and handles are a few basic components that can easily get damaged or break off. Before you buy an office chair, make sure you ask the manufacture about the warranty of components and see if the chair is durable or not.

Wrong usage

Are you using your chair in the wrong manner? Well, it’s a fact that your office chair can come under certain strains if you are not using it correctly. Avoid using an executive chair in the meeting room; otherwise, it can be easily damaged.

Weak user habits

The user can himself damage the office chair in a variety of ways. Swinging the chair all the time or adjusting the height are a few user habits that can damage your office chair. Never abuse your chair at any level.

Heavy usage

Using the chair day in and day out will take a toll. Any office chair made of good quality can easily handle heavy usage. But certain inferior chairs will display the signs of wearing out very quickly. By switching your chair between various users, you let the chair get into additional strains, which can break them off. Avoid moving them around regularly.

How long should an Office Chair Last


How to make your Office Chair Last Long? Tips to Follow

⦁ Vacuum the chair regularly

If you are using the office chair regularly, it can eventually collect enough dust and grime, which can cause the cushions to face great damage. And damaged cushions can ruin your comfort as well. But through regular vacuuming, you can increase the lifespan of an office chair and give it a nicer look.

⦁ Use of oils and cream on chair’s leather

For the leather chairs, it is necessary to give them proper regular vacuuming. But you need to do this by wiping it down and using the saddle soap or the leather cream to let the chair appear in a brand new outlook. Leather is a durable material for an office chair, but it also requires proper care and cleanliness.

⦁ Taking care of wheels and caster

Most of the pressure of your office chair rests on the wheels and is more prone to pick the dust and hair. You can keep the wheels cleaner by using a tin of compressed air or by vacuuming. This will prevent the wheels and caster from facing break or becoming extra loose. Apart from that, lubrication is the similar best way to preserve the lifespan of the office chair.


To end this discussion, it is obvious that giving your office chair regular care and maintenance is necessary to increase their lifespan. Continuity of the lifespan is equally dependent on how you use the chair, how long you are using it, and what material the chair is made up of. Take care of your favorite office chair!